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You know what day it is? Sarah Connor appreciation day is what it is!

Not really. Just August 29th (1997 mind you ...) was the original date of Judgment Day in the Terminator verse. Until Sarah, John and the T-800 stopped it. Or delayed it, since you know we wouldn't have T3 or T4 if Judgment Day hadn't happened anyway.
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OMG Harrison Ford you STILL OWN MY HEART. Forever and ever and ever.

Cowboys and Aliens probably won't be a great movie for everyone, but for me it was just like epic eye and trope candy. Although there was a scene that reminded me of Super 8 and another moment where I was all; "Am I watching Priest again?" Is everyone going to the same place for CGI or passing around storyboards? Still, I very much enjoyed the cinematography, the HATS omg the hats (did you know I have a thing for cowboy hats? Because I have thing for cowboy hats ...) and the facial expressions Harrison Ford made.
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So one of the books I'm reading at the moment (I ... need to read more then one book at a time, just the way she goes) is The Butane Special: A Weird West Tale by Mke Resnick. The back tells me it features amongst other things, a steampunk western setting, zombies, Thomas Edison, Doc Holiday, The Earps, and The Thing That Was Once Johnny Ringo. So far - I'm about 50 pages in and it's amusing me.

And as for the concert -- almost packed, almost ready to go. RAIN is happening however, and has caused me to re-think some clothing choices. Here's hoping the sun breaks out and we get a Beautiful Day. Sorry. Couldn't resist. Be glad I didn't talk about going Where The Streets Have No Name, because I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For because of all this damned Vertigo, that I get at this Elevation.

. . . . .

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With packing. Actually I have lots and lots of issues, but the ones that are causing me problems right here, right now are with packing. I mean I don't need to take much - it's a four hour-is car ride to Moncton, I'm only spending one night there, and the majority of my time in the city will be out on Magnetic Hill for the concert. So. I have picked out:

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Kind of a crappy screen shot taken from a not great web cam but -- OMG. It is happening! tomorrow! U2!
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Since my last post I have fallen kinda in some sort of love (or at least like) with Teen Wolf. Maybe it is because I'm feeling better, or maybe it is because the goofiness won me over. Or you know more screen time for the character that I've decided is my fave.

Please show ...Mild Spoilers for 1x09 )

Shallow Kelly is shallow.

Yes. I felt this needed a whole post.
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1. Favourite movie of the saga.

Wait for it .... wait for it ....


Geek Alert

Jul. 19th, 2011 06:51 am
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Firstly the good: I bought my ticket for Hal-Con this morning, so woooo. Kelley Armstrong is going to be a guest, so that should be cool. I had a good time last year, except I did find the space a bit cramped. So I'm excited to see the change of venue!

Secondly the ... I can't decide if it's good or bad: So No Dark Tower Movie for the near future. Or rather no DT movie throuhg Universal with Ron Howard attached. It took me a while to warm up to the idea (that ... is a lot of text and a lot of things happening in seven mostly really long books to translate to the screen) but I do/did kind of want it. Would it be as cool as in my head? No. Would it have been neat to see it on the big screen? Yes.

(Except I was really hoping that we didn't get a terribly done CG Oy, because then I would have had to hit my head into the wall. I hate badly dong CG.)

And it's not dead and done and shall never be revived, I mean someone else might happen along and find a way to make it work / find a studio that would make it work.

Thirldy the meme: I have a Star Wars meme I want to do

The Questions! )

And after that I think I'm going to go ahead and make my own Stephen King themed meme thing. So what me blabble on about Mr. King for ten days. Well I guess to be really fitting it should be nineteen days, but I think I'll go with ten. That is my favorite number, and I know my attention span / ability to get things done. Ten it shall be!
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Cold has moved from my lungs back into my sinus. Not as bad as it was this time last week, but my voice sounds all weird, and kind of like Krang's. I feel I should be barking out orders at my clueless minions, and cursing those meddling turtles.

Also I'm laughing so hard that the local radio station was posting all day about their "zombie plan".

The finalized plan was:

A Recap of our Zombie plan.Base is the Costco in Dartmouth Crossing,on route grab; Booze, Banjos, Weapons, Go Carts and Cricket bats. Then when we need to make our escape (Costco further North) we take 18wheelers, RV's, Metro Buses and the Harbor Hopper with our set list (bellow) and never look back. Phase 5 is simple. We all make a copy of this plan, hide it, and never speak of it again. Deal?
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My dad loves to go to Frency's (second hand clothing store for the non Maratimers out there). I cant cope with the store(s) because I don't like to dig through piles of clothes. Anyway, my dad loves going there and he's always bringing me home Boston Red Sox themed shirts. I now own two jerseys, two T-shirts, and a hooded sweatshirt.

And I don't like the Red Sox. Actually I'm indifferent to them as I am to all baseball teams (Your broke my heart Montreal! I will never love again! Actually ... I didn't care that much then, I only rooted for The Expos because my dad did.) it is just not my kinda sport. I've tried to tell my dad that buying me these things will not make me a Boston fan. Or a baseball fan. Oh dad.
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I can not even put into words how excited I am for 4:30. This has been a trying week, and I am ready to close the book on it. Actually last Saturday and Sunday were the start of the "urgh", so I'm hoping that at 4:30 today I can just slip into weekend mode and relax. And enjoy. That be nice.

Also. I was out shopping last night and I came across a display of school supplies out in a store already. Fuck you school supplies! I'm not ready to see you on display yet!
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- I'm dressed more on the casual side of business casual, but I think I should be okay. I feel like hell (yay the summer cold that will not die) but I slept the whole night through which is a plus! I also managed to stay up until 10 soooo, also a plus! I've been going to bed at 8:30-9 all week. Yes. While it's still light out sometimes.

- Work is ... work. I'm kinda unhappy about some things that are going on, but whatevers. I'm paid well. And this too shall pass. And what I'm unhappy about is out of my control to a degree. Whatever. Am trying to cheer myself up and not dwell on the negative.

- Been doing a lot of reading lately - god I love reading. Have read some books lately that I have really epically loved, so am thinking of doing a big ole book pimp post. Of course I know that what I love might not be everyone cup of tea, but yes.

- Also been catching up / watching Teen Wolf. I really WANT to like this show, but for some reason I'm just kidna ... eeeeh. It might be because I'm really not feeling well, so I'm watching the show while in a cold induced daze and maybe that is it. There are moments that kind of draw me in, and moments of "hee!" but I'm just not overly loving the show. THAT said, I'm going to keep watching because there's a kind of mystery built into the show and I want an answer ... :P
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Okay. I've got to get a planing with my costume for this year, I've been classic Night of The Living Dead Zombie, and Pirate Zombie, sooooo I need a theme. I'm thinking of what I was thinking about in previous years; Hockey Fan Zombie. I'll shred a jersey or T-Shirt (a Leafs one naturally), get a hockey stick and splatter some fake blood on it, and maybe try and work some sort of hockey puck to he head thing.

Or ... I don't know.
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Go look at your blog. Find the last Fandom-related thing you posted. The characters in that post are now your team-mates in the Zombie Apocalypse. How fucked are you?

The last fandom thing I posted was about Voting to see which Ghostbuster was the coolest. So. I think I'd be okay. I mean come on - we'd cross the streams, and show those zombie mothers how it's done!

I am right at this moment serious contemplating watching Season Of The Witch. It looks terrible and not really in a "oh yay it is terrible" kind of way. Hmmm. Decisions! The last "oh man this looks awful" Nic Cage movie I watched was Drive Angry and err ... I fell asleep.

I think I should probably be going to sleep right now, but I've gone beyond tired and back into awake. Yeah, my sleep schedule is going to be screwed up again.
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I have a problem using guns in games where the game doesn't like target for me. I'm all "SCREW THIS -- PUNCHY TIME!" or "ALTERNATE FORM OF COMBAT TIME." Which is why I was having some issues last night when I started playing Uncharted 2 again. But also why I just won two more bare knuckle bruiser trophies in Uncharted 2 [or whatever it is they are called the message flashed up on my screen during play but I was kinda busy ... hitting the square button]. So in honor of that .... Punched!.

Now I just gotta figure out what I'm meant to do (not run around and punch people obvis ...) and save Sully.

I did this last night and then ... whoops! forgot to post it. So last nights random meme of random.

Instructions: answer these questions, and replace any question you dislike with a new, original question. Then tag some people Meme if you wanna, I'm not tagging anyone..

2-3-1- Go! )
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Am I excited?

Yes. Yes I am.
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This is a very important blog post that breaks down the coolness factors for each Ghostbuster.

And then you can vote.

(I had to vote and give Ray some love. Although if could have voted twice, second vote would have gone to Janine. If only because of that twit who told me girls couldn't be Ghosbusters when I was a wee child. )

In other semi related news-ness. When I was over at the mall yesterday I noticed that the fountain in the mall was ahh ... red. Well kind of pink-ish red, but mostly red. I later found out it was dyed pink for Run for The Cure, but still. For a second I stood there and was all 'Sign of the end times?' to myself.

Long as it's not pink slime, I think were all good.
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Ahahahahaha. Oh my GOSH. I need this T-Shirt in my life.

Also this happened a while ago, but I just was thinking about it again. I was in the magazine store and saw this magazine cover out of the corner of my eye. I saw a dude with a gun, and the word; "DARK" and got really excited for a second, and thought they were running an article about The Dark Tower.

(Which I realize hasn't started filming, has had the filming date pushed back, and I know. But still. For a second I started a fan girl freak out. Then I realized it was Cowboys and Aliens was all "COOL" and bought the magazine. And then my dad borrowed it when I got home, and I haven't seen it since.)
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Ripley likes to destroy - that gives her great joy it seems. Okay maybe not - but maybe, I mean the first day we had her, I presented her with a stuffed toy - see Checkers had had a stuffed toy that was her "baby", she licked it, slept with it, carried it around. So I bought a new one for Ripley. We called it "Newt". Ripley shredded it within 20 minutes.

Then she ripped up the kitchen floor in two places, and dug a hole through part of the kitchen wall. [I don't blame her for that - it was two days after dad was hospitalized, she had been with us for less then a month and we had to leave her home alone for long stretches.]

Last night she dug a hole under one of the rocks in the yard like so.. We have these stones set up as a kind of "path" from the side yard to the back yard proper. she's started digging under one of the other ones as well.

And she did this - after we went for an hour and a half walk. I wish I had her energy. We went for that walk, I came home and passed out completely, and she went out and dug a hole :P.
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I admit I might have a problem - this is my pile of “books to read”. Physical books that is, and this isn’t taking into account the ton I have in ebook form. I will admit I *have* read some of these books before, but the ones in the pile are ones I want to re-read.

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