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This weekend The Robert Shaw Film Fest goes on (so far Jaws [naturally, since Quint is my main man. And I'd dislike him like whoa in real life but watching him do his thing in the movies is great -] and From Russia With Love (first non Daniel Craig Bond film! Now the floodgates are open and I plan to try and watch the Dalton movies soon) with The Taking of Pelham One Two Three orginal style, and Force 10 from Navarone (hey baby faced Harrison Ford! And Bond Girl/Mrs. Ringo Starr Barbra Bach!)

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My closet looks fantastic and I cleared out two garbage bags of trash from my room, and a bag and half of clothes to donate. And I sorted through my comic TPB's.

I still have to sort my books, my DVD's, tackle under my bed, but yeah - progress!

I have an appointment to have a hair cut tonight and omg yay. Because this was one I scheduled in March and have had to delay twice so yes. I'm shaggy and I need a trim. (And dye, since my roots are showing.)

i need -

Apr. 7th, 2013 02:46 pm
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An intervention.

All day reading TVD fic, and listening to The Band Perry's new album. My eyes are crossing. My "I don't like country music" argument holds zero water.

I regret nothing.

(Okay I also went to open houses because I wanted to see how other people decorate their bedrooms. And yesterday I went to five furniture stores, and omg. Overwhelmed.)

And Mad Men is on tonight.
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Email I sent to my kid sis minus the boring family deets. And including a gif.

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Now my scary to do list doesn't kick into gear until mid April, and until then this is all EXCITING AND GREAT.
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I've been putting things into motion to move. Slowly I thought. Slowly I planned.

And then I went to see some places today and ... I fell in love with two condos [seriously there both pretty much perfect and everything I want.], and am now freaking out, and trying to make a decision, and secure financing (I've been running back and forth to the bank a couple times last week), and make an offer. And I'm going to see both of them again tomorrow night. And I have to do this like NOW because there both in areas that are selling fast and my parents (whom quite frankly I need to hold my hand through this) leave next Saturday for vacation. This is all happening way faster then I planed it too.

So. I'm freaking out. It may come to nothing. I may not be able to get financing, or my offer may be refused.
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So my plans to go to the 2000 Leauges Under The Sea book club did not pan out as I had planed, thanks to the transit strike* (I can not walk to the bookclub meeting place, thus I can not go.) But I am going to finish this book!

(Is there a giant squid? Am I dreaming that there is a giant squid?)

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So if I am able to keep my spreadsheet of movies watched in 2012 going and updated I'm sure if I do this meme next year (haha - no.) that I'll be able to answer questions like this better. Because I sat here going ... what did I watch? What was underrated? Oh my gosh I don't know. So in the end I decided that I'm going to go with Fright Night as the mos underrated movie that I saw last year.

I say underrated since it didn't seem to make much of an impact at the box office - which is a shame, it's a fun movie. I'll admit I had reservations about it before I saw it, I am a fan of the dorky 80's movie of the same name, and didn't see the point of doing a re-make. I really liked the actors involved, and I knew Marti Noxon's name from her involvement with Buffy so despite my "why are you re-making my 80's movies!" I was intrigued.

And man, oh man did I love the movie. It was a re-make yes but I loved how it would set up scenes that I thought I knew where it was going, and then BAM, surprise. And okay yes, it was in the end a silly vampire movie, but man did I enjoy it.
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Woke up this morning at 4:30 to the sounds of my dog vomiting all over my slippers. For an encore she vomited on my WCA: Family Ties hardback. Thankfully that was brand new and hadn't come out of the shrink wrap yet so it was okay. (Yeah, I was so tired when I got home yesterday I got my comics from the mail was all; 'yay' and then dumped them in my room without looking at them.)

Had a really bad nightmare last night about my skin falling off .... so you know I'm feeling great right now. I love hormones.

Anyways, Happy Valentines people. Here Housewares Employee from the Evil Dead: the Musical. The big epic love song between Ash and Linda
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I decided to dust off this journal and my tumblr at the same time! Go me! And to get me back into the posting grove ... a 30 day movie meme. Which I will probably flake on.

01 - The best movie you saw during the last year

I - don't know. I'm going to go ahead and say .... in the theaters I do believe .... Fast Five made me the happiest. I left the movie with a big stupid grin on my face that (I think) was only equaled by MI: Ghost Protocol. SIMON PEG MAKES ME UNBEARABLY HAPPY. And he wore a Police Shirt. His character did. But this isn't about MI:4, but rather about Fast Five.

Oh F5 . . . .

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Stop playing with me GB fan page!.

Because you keep making me go GB 3!?! In an excited high pitched voice. And then I remember GB II, and I just ... don't know.


Oh who am I kidding. Bring on the high pitched excited hopeful voice.
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One: NSFW (cussssinnng)
Two: Spoilers for Clerks II
Three: A! B! C! Easy as 1! 2! 3!

Yeah, They'll probably be a youtube clip a day for the next week.

Four: Who won runner up in the cubicle decorating contest? Oh yeaaaaahhh. And I got CANDY. Wooo!

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Happy Halloween!

I'd give you all real treats but you know ... so instead virtual treat bonanza :P. Less filling, but less fattening so ... win? :P

Annnndd now for something completely different:

Am so looking forward to seeing Kevin Smith :D
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Oh I remember (and fondly) the days I could stay awake past 9:30 ... :P. I think that my iron might be off, since I'm supper tired, and also bruise-tastic latley. Boo.

Anyway, attempted to "decorate" my cubicle for Halloween. I kinda ran out ofsteam, but oh well. Here's one small shot of it:

Naturally I have named the skull 'Bob.' And those eyes, DAMN THINGS. I went to move the glass and spilled all the eyes, some rolled under my desk, so I had to crawl under their to retrieve ... where naturally I smacked my head into said desk. Yay.
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So my favorite vampire movie is ... The Lost Boys! I have this weird thing with vampire movies, where I don't like a lot of them because vampires really creep me out. I don't know the blood sucking thing doesn't strike me as sexy, but really gross. That and Dracula really frightened me as a child.

ANYWAYS, that said I love Lost Boys! It's from the 1980's so the fashion and music bring me enjoyment in a 'hahah, oh my god I would have killed for a skirt like that.' kind of way. And okay, so I have the soundtrack on my iPod because who doesn't love INXS? Ahem. Beyond the music and the fashion however I like the movie, it's got some pretty silly humor but it's all very self referential. I love movies where the characters don't act surprised to find themselves in a vampire movie, or rather they might act surprised but they know the rules. The movie is just so quotable, so that's fun as well.

I enjoy the vampires as villains, and I am a sucker for siblings on film, or in prose. So it's just a whole mess of things I love.
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SO. I was all watch me do this horror meme and then ... Matt Good happened. And then A Friday at work happened, then there was an advance screening of Three Musketeers, and Nocturne and a day of feeling mostly blah and ... well I'm catching up now! Right here, right now! SPOILERS for the movie posters shown below.

Day 02 - The horror film that you releate most to

Shaun Of The Dead )

Day 03 - Your favorite slasher

Freddy Krueger )

Day 04 - Your favorite werewolf film

An American Werewolf In London )

Day 05 - Your favorite monster movie

Jaws )
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I guess I should have started this earlier, and timed it so I could finish on Halloween. I did think about going back and catching up on the questions but eh. I'll do it day by day and keep the Halloween spirit going into November!

30 Day Horror Movie Meme )

Day 01 - A horror film that no one would expect you to love, but you do

What Could It Be Now ... )
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Horror movie confession: I hate The Thing. I just ... no. It does not work for me, I do not like it, I will not like it and I will not go see the prequel that looks like it's really the same film. However if the orginal movie had been a musical? We might have been in business! That link leads to an article about the the youtube video emended in the page. NSFW in the SLIGHTEST. AT all. Gore. So much gore, it's just ... really violent. Really gross. It makes me go "argh" a bit, but I still laugh. Still People. Animals .... coming apart. And huge, huge, huge spoilers for The Thing.

Come on internet, provide me with an Aliens musical number.

(That isn't the one that comes from Spaceballs).
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My new shirt came. Well it arrived Friday but today is the fist day I got to wear it!

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Oh (Canadian)Netflix. We have been having such a roller coaster few days - I've laughed, I've cried, I've started to drown in nostalgia, and I've been a little baffled.

Mostly that you recommended me Blue Crush because I put a zombie movie on my list. I'm guessing one of the actors was in the zombie movie but maaan. I almost wish there was some sort of zombie version of Blue Crush.

Then I know this is the wrong summary for this flick but it amused me:

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