Jan. 24th, 2011

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My dad watched The Social Network this weekend. He is now showing an unhealthy interest in facebook. "So what is the wall -- how does this work? Can I see your facebook?" ect.

I am hoping this is a passing fad with him.

(That said, I have no one but myself to blame, I got him a netbook for Christmas so he could surf the web more easily and I'm the one who wanted him to see the movie.)
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Spent part of today stalking my holds page at the library, to see if any more of my books had come in. One of the books (Fledgling by Octavia E Butler) that I'm going to read for an online book club ( Calico Reaction) has come in, so that's cool. Going to try and get a head start on that one, and on Elfland which I'm reading for The Women of Fantasy book club.

I also have been stalking the return of my Kobo e-reader to the Kobo people via Puralator. It broke (WOE) but they have taken it back, and are going to send me a new one (YAY) but they said it would be 10 business days from when they got the broken one back. So. I stalk via Puralator, and hope it gets delivered to them soon, so the process of me getting a new one can be started.

And then there was MUSIC )


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