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Woke up this morning at 4:30 to the sounds of my dog vomiting all over my slippers. For an encore she vomited on my WCA: Family Ties hardback. Thankfully that was brand new and hadn't come out of the shrink wrap yet so it was okay. (Yeah, I was so tired when I got home yesterday I got my comics from the mail was all; 'yay' and then dumped them in my room without looking at them.)

Had a really bad nightmare last night about my skin falling off .... so you know I'm feeling great right now. I love hormones.

Anyways, Happy Valentines people. Here Housewares Employee from the Evil Dead: the Musical. The big epic love song between Ash and Linda
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One: NSFW (cussssinnng)
Two: Spoilers for Clerks II
Three: A! B! C! Easy as 1! 2! 3!

Yeah, They'll probably be a youtube clip a day for the next week.

Four: Who won runner up in the cubicle decorating contest? Oh yeaaaaahhh. And I got CANDY. Wooo!

Four: And then my best friend guilted me into it and this happened ... )
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Horror movie confession: I hate The Thing. I just ... no. It does not work for me, I do not like it, I will not like it and I will not go see the prequel that looks like it's really the same film. However if the orginal movie had been a musical? We might have been in business! That link leads to an article about the the youtube video emended in the page. NSFW in the SLIGHTEST. AT all. Gore. So much gore, it's just ... really violent. Really gross. It makes me go "argh" a bit, but I still laugh. Still People. Animals .... coming apart. And huge, huge, huge spoilers for The Thing.

Come on internet, provide me with an Aliens musical number.

(That isn't the one that comes from Spaceballs).
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I really like the question posted by the Drewmwidth Fannish Friday 5 today!

And to quote: Name the five best uses of Shakespeare’s work (faithful adaptations, plots inspired by his work, references to one of his plays/sonnets). (thanks to slytherin_gypsy)

Now it is: a) really warm here at work b) I was up all night coughing and hacking so I'm really tried. And having a hard time putting words together (not a good start when thinking about Shakespeare, yo). So I'm going to be lazy and list one, and it might not be the best use of Shakespeare’s work, but it is right up there with my favorites.

The "Atomic Shakespeare" (and my lord what a cool name that is!) episode of Moonlighting. As per the summary on IMDB A student starts to watch Moonlighting, then his mother appears and reminds he has to read Taming of the Shrew for school. As he starts to read, the characters from Moonlighting enact the play.

More, More, More! )
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Because this (well it was the whole episode I watched on my DVD) made me laugh while I was working on Christmas cards;

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I'm going through my old CD's and aahahah.

The pants -- questionable. So is the hair. But this song. This guy. Oh lord.

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I've linked to this post before, but guess what--? Linking to it again! So this is a very interesting read by Kate Beaton (she of Hark A Vagrat!) comic fame, about Passchendaele (the movie, and Passchendaele, the battle). It's a good read, plus it has a hysterical movie trailer embedded in it, for The Devils Brigade -- or it did. But the link has expired so here is the the trialer:

Brass knuckle Americans, and brass button Canadians, hahaha. I also have to say that I found the book the movie was based on ( The Devil's Brigade pretty interesting as a read).
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This song has been stuck in my head for two days . . . good thing I like it.

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I love this music video. Like a lot. Mind you I think that John Malkovich's character dodged a bullet there, and should have walked (nay -- ran!) away from possibly going crazy lady. But ya know, I think I'd take crazy!Annie Lennox over generic girl his character was with. Anyways, I love this video. Lots. And lots and and lots.

Gosh Annie Lennox is awesome in this.

So take me from the wreckage, Save me from the blast, Lift me up and take me back. )
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I'd also like lots of other things, like a pony, for it to be Friday, my neck to stop hurting, and my coworkers to have all remembered to take their happy pills today.
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** I am obsessed. I admit this. I've seen him oh ... seven or eight times now.

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This is not the best quality (far, far, far from it) but I love it: the song 'Beth' from Role Models.

Also now I can never watch Le Miz because of
this and more hysterically this.

File this all under never ever gets old ever.

And because when I think of actors singing … Oh Bruce Willis. Oh Moonlighting.
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Reach -- Martini Ranch. In which Lance Henriksen has a monkey. Bill Paxton (who was in the band Martini Ranch) looks like his character in Near Dark. And Paul Reiser, and Jenette Goldstein are in it as well. Oh, it's directed by James Cameron.

Today has not been fun. This bit of oddness is thefore cracking me up.


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