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- I'm dressed more on the casual side of business casual, but I think I should be okay. I feel like hell (yay the summer cold that will not die) but I slept the whole night through which is a plus! I also managed to stay up until 10 soooo, also a plus! I've been going to bed at 8:30-9 all week. Yes. While it's still light out sometimes.

- Work is ... work. I'm kinda unhappy about some things that are going on, but whatevers. I'm paid well. And this too shall pass. And what I'm unhappy about is out of my control to a degree. Whatever. Am trying to cheer myself up and not dwell on the negative.

- Been doing a lot of reading lately - god I love reading. Have read some books lately that I have really epically loved, so am thinking of doing a big ole book pimp post. Of course I know that what I love might not be everyone cup of tea, but yes.

- Also been catching up / watching Teen Wolf. I really WANT to like this show, but for some reason I'm just kidna ... eeeeh. It might be because I'm really not feeling well, so I'm watching the show while in a cold induced daze and maybe that is it. There are moments that kind of draw me in, and moments of "hee!" but I'm just not overly loving the show. THAT said, I'm going to keep watching because there's a kind of mystery built into the show and I want an answer ... :P
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One: The New Joel Plaskett single "Jimmie's Still Jimmie is amazing. Oh man I have it on my iPod and I have been playing it over, and over and over.

Two: My desk feels ... weird. I've packed pretty much everything up and moved it to the new desk, but it is all just boxed up there. Kinda nervous, kinda excited.

Three: Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last? - That's right Matrix, you did! - I lied. Err, so have decided to forgo reading We Are Two next to read Don't Breathe A Word by Jennifer McMahon. The book store clerk said it was creepy which is awesome, am in the mood for some creepy! I should finish Vegas Knights first but ... yes.

Four: La Noire is aaawwweeessoommmeee! Okay. Am having some issues with the whole driving thing. And shooting thing, but I think I shall get a hang of it. I haven't played as much as I want to (I got home last night and sort of died ...).

Five: Happy Victoria Day Long weekend to those who get to enjoy a long weekend! And umm, everyone else - have a good one!

To Do

Feb. 22nd, 2011 10:42 pm
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So the truth comes out at last ;)

Am looking forward to having the next two days off work (woo!) and hope to make a dent in my reading list/reading pile o books. I also plan on going through the the three boxes of books in the spare room and do some serious letting go. I love books, I have a book addiction but I have run out of room, and I need to acknowledge that I don't need a lot of the books I have.

Also, since I can't find a lot of my DVD's I'm also going to sort out those.

So yes, days off work = days of epic cleaning. Or possibly binging on TV. Sometimes I make epic plans and just ... run out of steam.
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I can't decide! I really want to go see a movie this weekend (and I need to go downtown by the movie theater to pick up a few Christmas gifts) buuuuttt ... do I go see:

Love & Other Drugs (because not going to lie, I love Anne Hathaway a lot. And that Jake guy is easy on my eyes) or Tangled (Zach Levi does a voice! I dislike computer animation but it looks cuuttteee). Or do I save my money (because on top of Christmas presents, Ripley has a vet apt on Monday and gosh knows what will come of that) and stay home and burn through the rest of Leverage S1 on Netflix? :P

(And oh my gosh work. I have had a love/hate relationship with this day, but you know what? It needs to be over now).
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I slammed my elbow into my desk three times today. And let me tell you – the third time is not the charm. But despite the red and sore elbow I realized something today. Yes. Work drives me nuts sometimes. And there are days (Friday for example!) when I want to shake some of my co-workers. But my bad days here? Nothing compared to my bad days before (err, not at my last part time reception job, that was an awesome job).

Of course now that I have said that, something is going to lit on fire, explode, or come back from the dead and try and eat my brains. You know, just to show me what a bad day really looks like.
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I am too amused that I got 'telekinesis' as my randomly selected ability on the Heroes ability game, on Facebook. Umm yes. My boss and the manager of the office are out sick today. The inmates are running the asylum today.

Am going to go do work now (I'm training a new person, which is hysterical because ... I suck at training people. A lot.)
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Whose boss called in sick today?

Oh yes. Now to strike that right balance between getting work done, and messing around on the internet. Found out today that one of my co-workers uncle is Willie O'Ree so I also have to make time to ask her to tell me hockey stories as well.

(thank god it's Friday, and in general Friday is not a productive day around these parts)


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