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I have a problem using guns in games where the game doesn't like target for me. I'm all "SCREW THIS -- PUNCHY TIME!" or "ALTERNATE FORM OF COMBAT TIME." Which is why I was having some issues last night when I started playing Uncharted 2 again. But also why I just won two more bare knuckle bruiser trophies in Uncharted 2 [or whatever it is they are called the message flashed up on my screen during play but I was kinda busy ... hitting the square button]. So in honor of that .... Punched!.

Now I just gotta figure out what I'm meant to do (not run around and punch people obvis ...) and save Sully.

I did this last night and then ... whoops! forgot to post it. So last nights random meme of random.

Instructions: answer these questions, and replace any question you dislike with a new, original question. Then tag some people Meme if you wanna, I'm not tagging anyone..

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One: The New Joel Plaskett single "Jimmie's Still Jimmie is amazing. Oh man I have it on my iPod and I have been playing it over, and over and over.

Two: My desk feels ... weird. I've packed pretty much everything up and moved it to the new desk, but it is all just boxed up there. Kinda nervous, kinda excited.

Three: Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last? - That's right Matrix, you did! - I lied. Err, so have decided to forgo reading We Are Two next to read Don't Breathe A Word by Jennifer McMahon. The book store clerk said it was creepy which is awesome, am in the mood for some creepy! I should finish Vegas Knights first but ... yes.

Four: La Noire is aaawwweeessoommmeee! Okay. Am having some issues with the whole driving thing. And shooting thing, but I think I shall get a hang of it. I haven't played as much as I want to (I got home last night and sort of died ...).

Five: Happy Victoria Day Long weekend to those who get to enjoy a long weekend! And umm, everyone else - have a good one!
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The internet reassures me that I'm not a complete dumbass when it comes to video games. Or rather that while I might be a dumb ass I'm not alone. I too can not follow simple on screen instructions like; "press L forward and then the red circle."

Oh Uncharted 2 you and I are going to have so much fun. Like the fun we've already had, where I was all "oh wow this action scene is cool, la, la, la I will not press any buttons -- OH SNAP."
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I could have written this article. I am so thrilled I am not alone! I got very upset when I killed a character in Dragon Age Origins (umm, the drawf guy. In Redcliffee) that I had to re-start because I was all "OH MY GOD WHAT DID I DOOOOO."

Also my intention to play as a morally bankrupt character -- not happening. and I get upset if I upset my companions and have to restart and choose other options,

I am way too invested in video games.
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And then Dragon Age Origins ate all Kelly's time. The end.

No really, I sank a sick amount of time playing the game today. I'm telling myself that it is "okay: to sink all these hours in, because I'll have to ration out my playing time in November, since I'll be NaNo-ing. Or I will in theory, I wanted to outline today and instead I played a video game . . .
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Video game blather )

I have six thousand things to do tomorow -- epic grocery store run, friends birthday party dinner thing, go to the vets to a) buy Ripley dog food and b) she is due for a weigh in. Okay that's three things, but they are time consuming things. So alas I don't see me making to SA for Free Comic Book day. Again. Someday FBC day we will make it work.
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Fingers crossed that I get to the game store tonight and can get FFXIII.

If I disapear from the face of the net ... well you know why :D


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