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So one of the books I'm reading at the moment (I ... need to read more then one book at a time, just the way she goes) is The Butane Special: A Weird West Tale by Mke Resnick. The back tells me it features amongst other things, a steampunk western setting, zombies, Thomas Edison, Doc Holiday, The Earps, and The Thing That Was Once Johnny Ringo. So far - I'm about 50 pages in and it's amusing me.

And as for the concert -- almost packed, almost ready to go. RAIN is happening however, and has caused me to re-think some clothing choices. Here's hoping the sun breaks out and we get a Beautiful Day. Sorry. Couldn't resist. Be glad I didn't talk about going Where The Streets Have No Name, because I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For because of all this damned Vertigo, that I get at this Elevation.

. . . . .

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With packing. Actually I have lots and lots of issues, but the ones that are causing me problems right here, right now are with packing. I mean I don't need to take much - it's a four hour-is car ride to Moncton, I'm only spending one night there, and the majority of my time in the city will be out on Magnetic Hill for the concert. So. I have picked out:

This got ... really long ... )
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Kind of a crappy screen shot taken from a not great web cam but -- OMG. It is happening! tomorrow! U2!
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Am I excited?

Yes. Yes I am.


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