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Since my last post I have fallen kinda in some sort of love (or at least like) with Teen Wolf. Maybe it is because I'm feeling better, or maybe it is because the goofiness won me over. Or you know more screen time for the character that I've decided is my fave.

Please show ...Mild Spoilers for 1x09 )

Shallow Kelly is shallow.

Yes. I felt this needed a whole post.
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- I'm dressed more on the casual side of business casual, but I think I should be okay. I feel like hell (yay the summer cold that will not die) but I slept the whole night through which is a plus! I also managed to stay up until 10 soooo, also a plus! I've been going to bed at 8:30-9 all week. Yes. While it's still light out sometimes.

- Work is ... work. I'm kinda unhappy about some things that are going on, but whatevers. I'm paid well. And this too shall pass. And what I'm unhappy about is out of my control to a degree. Whatever. Am trying to cheer myself up and not dwell on the negative.

- Been doing a lot of reading lately - god I love reading. Have read some books lately that I have really epically loved, so am thinking of doing a big ole book pimp post. Of course I know that what I love might not be everyone cup of tea, but yes.

- Also been catching up / watching Teen Wolf. I really WANT to like this show, but for some reason I'm just kidna ... eeeeh. It might be because I'm really not feeling well, so I'm watching the show while in a cold induced daze and maybe that is it. There are moments that kind of draw me in, and moments of "hee!" but I'm just not overly loving the show. THAT said, I'm going to keep watching because there's a kind of mystery built into the show and I want an answer ... :P
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So today The Sam Robert's Band released Collider. I AM EXCITED. I love Sam Roberts music, so I'm really excited for this album because I really like the two songs I've heard from it so far. ("I Feel You" and "Partition Blues"). I have it DL'ed to my iPod and plan to listen tonight to it, as I make the trek to Toronto :D.

You can watch a video montage from Hockey Night In Canda (April 26th, 2011, Boston vs. Montréal - Game #6] which features the song Partition Blues here.

So that covers the music section of this post ... now TV.



Apr. 18th, 2011 12:25 pm
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I am a little (lot) giddy. Because ... I got tickets to go see a taping of the Strombo show when I'm in Toronto next month! I have no idea who the guest will be (nor do I care to be honest - I know it will be awesome!). I got my conformation of tickets on Friday, confirmed that day, and got my confirmation of the conformation today. I am on the list! Yaaaayy!!!!!!!

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It is rainy and gross out. All I want to do is go back to bed, but alas. I have to do things, like ... clean and go to the grocery store, go to the vet to get Ripley her food, file my taxes, and get ready for my co-workers surprise birthday party tonight. Naturally since I have so much to do, all I want to do is watch movies (The Beast Must Die! and Darkman) or play some video games.

And all I have done so far today is read, and watch YouTube videos. Sigh.

And it's kinda Castle-esque but OMG PEOPLE. VICTOR GARBER ON REPUBLIC OF DOYLE. Am counting down to Wednesday.


Instead of doing all I have to do, I'm so going to go re-watch The Pen Is Mightier Than the Doyle.

I need Doyle icons.
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I think (as in I'm 98% sure that it was) on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books site that I first saw a video for this show. This show being Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Now my love for 80's movies / TV knows no bounds nor does my love for anything to do with spies (especially if its silly in nature) plus Bruce Boxleitner.

Youtube Video and Wiki oh my! )

Also I can't believe I'm about to make a comment about Gossip Girl but oh well. All I can say is after Monday nights ep is finally. I have rooted for this since Season One, and finally. Now of course I have to wait until April (April!) for resolution. Blah.

Also since this is the entry that is bouncing all over the place ... yesterday two books I was very much looking forward to were released Late Eclipses by Seanan Mcguire and River Marked by Patricia Briggs.

Typically I would have purchased these in book form, but I went with the e-book option as I was home sick yesterday thanks to a killer head cold (still working on recovering fully) and I wanted to own right away.
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I am getting my hair cut (and coloured!) today, and perhaps this time I will take decent pictures! Maybe. I'm kind of allergic to having decent pictures taken of me :P. I hope (oh god I hope) that triming up the hair, and getting the highlights put back in, will help perk me up. This winter (as I have mentioned) is dragging me dooowwwn.

Also: thank god they call and remind me a day before my apt. I had the apt written in my Blackberry as next Wednesday, and was planing accordingly. Whoops. I swear, the more attempts I make to make myself more organized (ie: putting apts into my Blackberry) the more disorganized I get.

And to jump topics ... the whole hair cutting and colouring process can be a timely one (I won't bore you with all the details but it invovles dying my hair one shade, then bleaching part of it out, and then colouring over the bleached portions) I'm hoping that I get home in time for Survivor tonight. Because oh yes, I am not one, but two Survivor pools.

I've got Julie Wolfe in the work pool, and Steve Wright in the neighborhood pool. So that's two people on the same tribe, booo.

Oh well. I'll be glued to the show until my people get outsted, then I tend to lose a bit of interest. (Or so says previous Survivor years).

EDIT: WELL. I guess I'll be buying Marvel comics on a monthly basis again in May. At least for eight issues.
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I kind of want this T-shirt. And I kind of want to re-read Frankenstein.

There are not enough hours in the day for all the things I want to do, damnit.

Random aside: Whenever I start to get all "i need more time to read!" I think about that Twilight Zone episode with the atomic bomb [I think] and the guy who survives it and now has all the time to read but [spoiler alert!] breaks his glasses. That really, really, really upset me as a kid. To the point I remember rationalizing to myself that he could find new reading glasses [somehow] and be okay. To this day I get a bit agitated thinking about it -- which I guess is the intention of the show. Bravo Twilight Zone. Bravo.

One of the other things that haunts me from my childhood [besides the fear that someday I'm gong to open my fridge and find a zigurat in there] was this episode of [I think] Tales From The Crypt in which a guy gets buried up to his neck in sand on the beach, and then is left there to die/drown as the tide comes in. Then he comes back as a zombie-ish thing ... in my head I see him walking down a hall with seaweed hanging off him. I have no idea if this is from the show, or just something my brain has come up with. Either way I still think about it and go; "Arugh!"

You know from a very early age I've loved the idea of being scared. I like scary movies, scary books, ect. I don't like the aftermath all that much [it really is no fun to lie there at night thinking; "Well I'm freezing but I'm not reaching down to the floor to grab the covers I've kicked off" after watching Paranormal Activity] or when I have nightmares [like last night!] about being trapped at work because of zombies [honestly: I think that dream was more about work stress then the zombies.].


Jan. 17th, 2011 02:40 pm
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I never knew that Nathan Fillion was in Blast From The Past!

EDIT: I know I watch too much TV. But I realize on nights like tonight when there is something I want to watch on from 8pm-12pm that I might have a serious problem.
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Lights are flickering a bit. Power is out in surrounding areas ... oh boy. Could be a dark night in my house. Am hoping now because I really want to watch Republic Of Doyle in on CBCHD tonight.

Ah well. If the power fails, she fails. I'll catch Doyle on the website, or catch the epp in re-runs.
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Dear Fox,

all would be forgiven AGAIN. If you make this, and put it on my TV.


Oct. 2nd, 2010 05:42 pm
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Halloween costume is slowly coming together ... )

Secondly: I have started watching Justified via the power of Netflix. Man, there is just something about cowboy hats ... and movies/TV shows that are based on Elmore Leonard works. Loved the first episode, so now onto the second ep!


Sep. 28th, 2010 09:27 am
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Catching up on some blogs ... Growing Pains was 25 years old on Friday!.

Oh that show. That show, Kate & Allie, Saved By The Bell and Perfect Strangers were must see TV to kidlet me.
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and if I was born in the 50's, I'd watch too much tv ... )

This is kinda cool (or very cool to me) Super Women of Supernatural, Icons by Aithine. It is icons of some of the fearless women of Supernatural. Most who come to pretty shitty ends (look, I love the show, but I am aware that it does not treat its female characters well. Or any characters well really).

Now I kind of want to re-do the icons in this journal so it's all women of SPN. But urgh. Effort. I lack it.

Yay TV

Sep. 15th, 2010 02:20 pm
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James Cameron adapting True Lies For Tv! Really as soon as I saw that title I squealed. Here at work. There was a squeal.

And really the important part of the article is: EW has confirmed that the director is currently working on adapting his 1994 spy-thriller True Lies into a TV show.
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So I watched Supernatural’s “In the Beginning" (4.3), and “"The Song Remains the Same" (5.13) last night. And thus the rest of this goes behind a LJ cut – because I’m not sure who follows the SPN and who doesn’t, and hey, I’m talking about season four and five here so heck yes there are spoilers.

You believe in what nobody else does /And things ain't the way they was. )

It feels like it is going to be a spammy day. We’ll see.
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First I have to say ... last night was kind of painful hockey wise. Ouch Montreal. OUCH. But there my team, I have faith they can come back from this, and take Philly down. And I shall cling to this faith, oh yes I will ....

(also, Philly your jerseys are ugly and hurt my eyes, hah! Take that! You played the superior game last night, but ow! My eyes!)

Anyway ...I love this article.

So, thanks ABC, for giving us children of the ’90s the awesomeness that was TGIF. Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to hike up our pants and ask, “Did IIII dooooo thaaaat?” or shout, “Not the mama! Not the mama!” You helped bring families closer together, and gave my friends and I something to talk about on Monday mornings when we were supposed to be paying attention to like, math or something.
From here

And more from EW's Pop Watch Blog, because it's Monday quiet as the grave in here (knocks on wood) and I'm working hard. Battle of the Robin Hood's!. We all know who gets my vote. I only begged my mother to make me a pink Maid Marion dress "just like in the cartoon" when I was a kid. and my mom complied and I was Maid Marion/a princess for Halloween three years running.


May. 4th, 2010 10:24 am
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This is more for me, than anything else:

X-Men First Class I remain optimistic.

I love spies. I love JJ Abrams spies.

EDIT: 2011 for X-men First Class! NOW, to see who gets cast as who!
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Dear TV Character,


No love,


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