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Jul. 19th, 2011 06:51 am
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Firstly the good: I bought my ticket for Hal-Con this morning, so woooo. Kelley Armstrong is going to be a guest, so that should be cool. I had a good time last year, except I did find the space a bit cramped. So I'm excited to see the change of venue!

Secondly the ... I can't decide if it's good or bad: So No Dark Tower Movie for the near future. Or rather no DT movie throuhg Universal with Ron Howard attached. It took me a while to warm up to the idea (that ... is a lot of text and a lot of things happening in seven mostly really long books to translate to the screen) but I do/did kind of want it. Would it be as cool as in my head? No. Would it have been neat to see it on the big screen? Yes.

(Except I was really hoping that we didn't get a terribly done CG Oy, because then I would have had to hit my head into the wall. I hate badly dong CG.)

And it's not dead and done and shall never be revived, I mean someone else might happen along and find a way to make it work / find a studio that would make it work.

Thirldy the meme: I have a Star Wars meme I want to do

The Questions! )

And after that I think I'm going to go ahead and make my own Stephen King themed meme thing. So what me blabble on about Mr. King for ten days. Well I guess to be really fitting it should be nineteen days, but I think I'll go with ten. That is my favorite number, and I know my attention span / ability to get things done. Ten it shall be!
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Ahahahahaha. Oh my GOSH. I need this T-Shirt in my life.

Also this happened a while ago, but I just was thinking about it again. I was in the magazine store and saw this magazine cover out of the corner of my eye. I saw a dude with a gun, and the word; "DARK" and got really excited for a second, and thought they were running an article about The Dark Tower.

(Which I realize hasn't started filming, has had the filming date pushed back, and I know. But still. For a second I started a fan girl freak out. Then I realized it was Cowboys and Aliens was all "COOL" and bought the magazine. And then my dad borrowed it when I got home, and I haven't seen it since.)
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So I'm packed!

I've got my books picked out for the plane, I got my Kobo loaded with ebooks, and I'm working on updating my iPod now.

I think ... I might have a problem because:
- on my e-reader: The Dark Tower,, The Drawing of The Three, and The Wastelands. On my ipod -- audio version of Wizard and Glass and one of my plane books is a book ABOUT the Dark Tower books. Dark Tower vacation WOO-HOO.

Planing on watching some TV tonight (but not Chuck, WOE) and then heading out to the movies with friends. I'm going to miss all kinds of TV finales (whoops) and planing on setting up the DVR to catch everything.

I still have this nagging "I am forgetting something" feeling. But I figure I am:
a) going to stay with my sister, so I can borrow things from her
b) going to Toronto, so I can purchase anything I've left home


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