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Since my last post I have fallen kinda in some sort of love (or at least like) with Teen Wolf. Maybe it is because I'm feeling better, or maybe it is because the goofiness won me over. Or you know more screen time for the character that I've decided is my fave.

Please show ...Mild Spoilers for 1x09 )

Shallow Kelly is shallow.

Yes. I felt this needed a whole post.
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- I'm dressed more on the casual side of business casual, but I think I should be okay. I feel like hell (yay the summer cold that will not die) but I slept the whole night through which is a plus! I also managed to stay up until 10 soooo, also a plus! I've been going to bed at 8:30-9 all week. Yes. While it's still light out sometimes.

- Work is ... work. I'm kinda unhappy about some things that are going on, but whatevers. I'm paid well. And this too shall pass. And what I'm unhappy about is out of my control to a degree. Whatever. Am trying to cheer myself up and not dwell on the negative.

- Been doing a lot of reading lately - god I love reading. Have read some books lately that I have really epically loved, so am thinking of doing a big ole book pimp post. Of course I know that what I love might not be everyone cup of tea, but yes.

- Also been catching up / watching Teen Wolf. I really WANT to like this show, but for some reason I'm just kidna ... eeeeh. It might be because I'm really not feeling well, so I'm watching the show while in a cold induced daze and maybe that is it. There are moments that kind of draw me in, and moments of "hee!" but I'm just not overly loving the show. THAT said, I'm going to keep watching because there's a kind of mystery built into the show and I want an answer ... :P


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