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Woke up this morning at 4:30 to the sounds of my dog vomiting all over my slippers. For an encore she vomited on my WCA: Family Ties hardback. Thankfully that was brand new and hadn't come out of the shrink wrap yet so it was okay. (Yeah, I was so tired when I got home yesterday I got my comics from the mail was all; 'yay' and then dumped them in my room without looking at them.)

Had a really bad nightmare last night about my skin falling off .... so you know I'm feeling great right now. I love hormones.

Anyways, Happy Valentines people. Here Housewares Employee from the Evil Dead: the Musical. The big epic love song between Ash and Linda
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Ripley likes to destroy - that gives her great joy it seems. Okay maybe not - but maybe, I mean the first day we had her, I presented her with a stuffed toy - see Checkers had had a stuffed toy that was her "baby", she licked it, slept with it, carried it around. So I bought a new one for Ripley. We called it "Newt". Ripley shredded it within 20 minutes.

Then she ripped up the kitchen floor in two places, and dug a hole through part of the kitchen wall. [I don't blame her for that - it was two days after dad was hospitalized, she had been with us for less then a month and we had to leave her home alone for long stretches.]

Last night she dug a hole under one of the rocks in the yard like so.. We have these stones set up as a kind of "path" from the side yard to the back yard proper. she's started digging under one of the other ones as well.

And she did this - after we went for an hour and a half walk. I wish I had her energy. We went for that walk, I came home and passed out completely, and she went out and dug a hole :P.


Mar. 23rd, 2011 09:57 am
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I don't know if love or hate this couch. This is the second time I've been all "Oh I'm just going to sit here and watch a movie--" and then BAM. FAST ASLEEP. I wake up like over an hour later, and the dogs migrated from her bed to the couch, and I slept through half the movie.

(Ripley is not allowed on the couch - or on any thing that is not my bed. This does not stop her from trying to sit on my lap when I'm sitting in one of the chairs though. Also my dad lets her on all the furniture and thinks he's being sly about it, so its like a losing battle here.)

Vacation is wonderful.
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Dog has decided she now hates her kennel thing. Like a lot. I think she hates the new bed we bought for her (after she ate her old bed) so guess what? NEW BED FOR RIPLEY. And I swore I was not entering another mall into after Christmas :P.

EDIT: Ripley with her Christmas collar. )
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I am excited for this weekend. It has been a kind of bumpy ride work wise, so I am very much looking forward to two days off.

Tonight I am going to see Red, so I am very excited for that, and this weekend I'm going to the Valley for some second hand clothes shopping, so woooo! Come on 4:30 . . . .

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So first Ripley had a flat collar. Because ... that was the kind that Checker's had, and the kind she had at her foster family. So when I was out buying supplies for her, that was the kind I got for her.

But she kept slipping out of it. Most dramatically at the vets office on her first visit there. She slipped out, and ran around the front part of the office. Good times.

So then the vet, and the dog trainer recommended the martingale collar which Ripley has now. Which she managed to Houdini-out of tonight.

I'm seriously thinking that she might have ended up in the woods (which is where the animal rescue people found her), because she got out of her collar and lost her original people. Of course thinking that makes me sad, because oh my god some poor family/person lost their dog. Of course thinking that someone just dumped her out in the woods also makes me sad.

Anyways, yes. I think we just need to adjust her collar, to keep her from playing Houdini again.
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This made me laugh. My dad was out in the yard last night with the dog, and our neighbors kid was outside as well. He saw dad and the dog and the kid (who is like ... three ... four maybe) was all; "Oh is she a nice dog?" and my dad said; "Oh she's a very nice dog. She just likes to eat all the time." The kid than got very scared and said; "Does she like to eat people!?". My dad did his best to reassure him that no, Ripley does not eat people, but I suspect my dog is now nightmare fuel for that poor kid.
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Today is Ripley's last obedience class! Yay!

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So when I get home from that, I'm going to watch SYTYCD -- and try and not fall asleep. And also try and figure out what the heck I’m doing RP-wise.
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Over the last three days I've been watching Aliens in bits and pieces as I check out the commentary/docs on the special edition DVD. So naturally last night the inevitable happened. I had a dream ... in which I was in my house and could not fall asleep, or else the facehugger would get me, and it be, well game over man. Game over. In said dream, there was also Arvin Sloane. Because my subconscious didn't just want to torment me with face huggers, it also wanted to taunt me -- I mean if I'm going to have an Alias male cast member in my dreams, I'd rather it was Vaughn.

Last night was also Ripley's first night of obedience classes. She wasn't the best dog there. She was ... well she was the worst. As in she had to be separated from the other dogs because she wouldn't calm down. As in she nipped my hand (she was trying to get the treat I had, but normally she's good about not biting, not last night though. She got me a couple times.) Oh well, five more weeks of this now ...


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