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God I love CBC. Thank you station for making sure we all knew what Greg Keebler [he's from Blue Rodeo, Canadian band] thinks about the Philly vs. Chicago game. I also love the little videos you play before each game, and how you used a Blue Rodeo song tonight.
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First I have to say ... last night was kind of painful hockey wise. Ouch Montreal. OUCH. But there my team, I have faith they can come back from this, and take Philly down. And I shall cling to this faith, oh yes I will ....

(also, Philly your jerseys are ugly and hurt my eyes, hah! Take that! You played the superior game last night, but ow! My eyes!)

Anyway ...I love this article.

So, thanks ABC, for giving us children of the ’90s the awesomeness that was TGIF. Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to hike up our pants and ask, “Did IIII dooooo thaaaat?” or shout, “Not the mama! Not the mama!” You helped bring families closer together, and gave my friends and I something to talk about on Monday mornings when we were supposed to be paying attention to like, math or something.
From here

And more from EW's Pop Watch Blog, because it's Monday quiet as the grave in here (knocks on wood) and I'm working hard. Battle of the Robin Hood's!. We all know who gets my vote. I only begged my mother to make me a pink Maid Marion dress "just like in the cartoon" when I was a kid. and my mom complied and I was Maid Marion/a princess for Halloween three years running.
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So now that my facebook news feed has exploded …. Can I just say? GO HABS GO.

(and go Philly go, because I think the Habs can take the Flyers. And if they lost to Philly? That would suck. But not as much as loosing to the Bruins).
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So tonight is the night – game seven. All the marbles (well all the marbles needed to go on to the next round). I have a tension headache all ready. And while it won’t be the same if they don’t win, I have to say that it’s still going to be awesome. They knocked out the Capitals. They will have given the Pens a run for their money.

I’m so excited. People are coming over tonight to watch the game, I was going to go out and watch it at a bar, but I have a nice TV at home, and I have to work tomorrow so I’d like to be able to drag myself directly to bed afterwards.

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WHO DO I LOVE? HALEK IS WHO I LOVE. Also my neighbors up the street, who let me (and Ripley!) go to their house so I didn't have to watch the game alone (and Ripley didn't have to be alone, this neighbor is the owner of the dog who is Ripley's pal, so they played while we watched the game). I missed a chunk of Supernatural so I'll have to catch up n that.

HAHAH, oh CBC guy; "Tonight is a great night to be a Montreal fan." YES IT WAS. Yes it was. Normally I get kind of let down in a post Olympics playoffs, but maaaan, This is so exciting :D
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What a wonderful headline to wake up to:

Canadiens shock Capitals in OT


(I know, it was just game one. But it feels niiiicceee).


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