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So the weather report says: Rain at times heavy. Amount 25 mm. Fog patches. Wind southeast 60 km/h gusting to 90. High 16.. So. Am doing the 'please don't go out power' chant. However because of the bad weather I am declaring this to be my stay at home, and write and read weekend.

and maybe play some Dragon Age if I do really good at NaNoWriMo. DA I MISS YOUUUU!

I must pimp two series / authors right now.

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10:14 am Halfway (500 words) to my halfway point! Am thinking that I am going to be okay today, as I am at the epic exposition part of the story. Or at least the first part of the epic exposition. I am torn about this whole thing. I like my main character. I like the plot, but I do not like the way I am writing it.

12:06 am 1047! Have decided to save the epic exposition for a wee bit. First we have awkwardly paced action scene! Which leads into awkwardly epic epic exposition!

Goal for next NaNoWriMo learn to write action scenes!

3:50 pm Ahahahah. Work. Oh work. At 1428, sooo close to 1500. which isn't the goal for the day, but once I hit that? 500 more words! I'm taking it 500 words at a time. Actually today it's been 250 words at a time :P. And it's only day four!

7:01 pm And DONE (little over 2000 words). Just in time to escape to the library, woo!
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I had big plans for today - - I mean big! I was all "okay if I can do 2000 words on a workday, I can do 4000 on a non work day!" Except I forgot that on days that I don't have to work, I kind of like to avoid the computer.

So I got 2392 words written today. I'm going to try and really haul some butt over the weekend -- eve though again I'll be facing that desire to avoid the computer. Or you know avoid doing anything but random web surfing on the computer.

Still thinking that I'm going to try and make it to the write in on Sunday. That might get me to pick up the word count a bit (I know I'm ahead of schedule, but I want more of a buffer).
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12:32: Have reached my halfway point for the day!! 1011 words! am aimign for roughly 2000 per day, so half way there. Woooo! And am glad that work is so slow that I can get this done at work. Although I'm worried that should work pick up I'll loose my momentum since I find it so hard to write in the evenings.

6:54: Time to play lets make a deal NaNoWriMo style -- I'm telling myself if I write 500 more words (so I'll be at 1500 for the day) that I'll let myself watch 15 mins of Gossip Girl. Then I'll come back and do 500 more and be at my goal for the day!

7:16: At 1608 words. Utter crap so far. But ... yay words? At least I'm making myself write each day?

7:57 2110. Done for the day!


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