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This weekend The Robert Shaw Film Fest goes on (so far Jaws [naturally, since Quint is my main man. And I'd dislike him like whoa in real life but watching him do his thing in the movies is great -] and From Russia With Love (first non Daniel Craig Bond film! Now the floodgates are open and I plan to try and watch the Dalton movies soon) with The Taking of Pelham One Two Three orginal style, and Force 10 from Navarone (hey baby faced Harrison Ford! And Bond Girl/Mrs. Ringo Starr Barbra Bach!)

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Go look at your blog. Find the last Fandom-related thing you posted. The characters in that post are now your team-mates in the Zombie Apocalypse. How fucked are you?

The last fandom thing I posted was about Voting to see which Ghostbuster was the coolest. So. I think I'd be okay. I mean come on - we'd cross the streams, and show those zombie mothers how it's done!

I am right at this moment serious contemplating watching Season Of The Witch. It looks terrible and not really in a "oh yay it is terrible" kind of way. Hmmm. Decisions! The last "oh man this looks awful" Nic Cage movie I watched was Drive Angry and err ... I fell asleep.

I think I should probably be going to sleep right now, but I've gone beyond tired and back into awake. Yeah, my sleep schedule is going to be screwed up again.
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This is a very important blog post that breaks down the coolness factors for each Ghostbuster.

And then you can vote.

(I had to vote and give Ray some love. Although if could have voted twice, second vote would have gone to Janine. If only because of that twit who told me girls couldn't be Ghosbusters when I was a wee child. )

In other semi related news-ness. When I was over at the mall yesterday I noticed that the fountain in the mall was ahh ... red. Well kind of pink-ish red, but mostly red. I later found out it was dyed pink for Run for The Cure, but still. For a second I stood there and was all 'Sign of the end times?' to myself.

Long as it's not pink slime, I think were all good.


Apr. 4th, 2011 09:53 am
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I really liked Source Code. The movie theater its self was kinda of ... scary as there were a ton of kids there for Hop I guess, or that Wimpy Kid movie. Which is fine, kids are great just ... not lots of them. All running around and in and out of line, and screaming and aaarrrgggh.

Patience. I lack it a lot sometimes.

Anyway, really liked the movie. I always feel ... weird about gushing about a movie because I know my taste is off, and sometimes after I see a movie for the first time I'm all "I LOVE IT" and then I see it again and the love is less. But -- this one just I really liked it. I don't want to get spoily but it had things in that reminded me vaguely of other movies I love, so I was all "I LOVE YOU SOURCE CODE."

(Although the person in front of me kept checking their facebook on their phone. So every now and then it was all 'random light from the seat in front of me.' I wanted to lean over and be all "that is really annoying." but I restrained myself.)
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I was a bit late starting the movie tracking -- this reflects what I watched from Jan 21st onwards. I plan to track for the rest of the year -- and am going to kind of do a round up at the end of each month.

Total Number Of Movies Watched: 09
Number of these movies I have seen before: 2
Longest Running Time: 136 min (Fried Green Tomatoes)
Shortest Running Time:100 min (Tangled)
Newest Movie: The Town / The Social Network / Tangled (2010)
Oldest Movie: My Stepmother Is An Alien (1988)

Looking Forward To In February:

- Sanctum
- Unknown
- Drive Angry (it's okay to judge me, I love ridiculous Nicholas Cage)
- The Eagle
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Dear Helen Mirren,

I love you.
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I can't decide! I really want to go see a movie this weekend (and I need to go downtown by the movie theater to pick up a few Christmas gifts) buuuuttt ... do I go see:

Love & Other Drugs (because not going to lie, I love Anne Hathaway a lot. And that Jake guy is easy on my eyes) or Tangled (Zach Levi does a voice! I dislike computer animation but it looks cuuttteee). Or do I save my money (because on top of Christmas presents, Ripley has a vet apt on Monday and gosh knows what will come of that) and stay home and burn through the rest of Leverage S1 on Netflix? :P

(And oh my gosh work. I have had a love/hate relationship with this day, but you know what? It needs to be over now).
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So I am so jealous of people in the UK who will get to see this movie (Burke & Hare). Come on North America, someone distrubite it and relase it here so I can see it!

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Inception rocked my socks clean off. Every now and then I watch a movie / read a book / read a comic / ect and I'm like 'WOW. Someone wrote this FOR ME.' That is how I feel about the movie, it was the kind of thing that I LOVE.

(As always peoples love for the movie might vary, I went to see it with a group, we all liked it to vary degrees, with me being the number one fan girl, one of my friends being right there with me, and two others loving it to lesser degrees. However out of the four of us, we all agreed one of the better movies we had seen this summer).

I had a few quibbles, but I won't launch into them here. My love for the movie outweighed the things that I found annoying / confusing / lame.

I just wish the people next to me (err, not my friends, just strangers that happened to be sitting next to me on that side) hadn't thought the action sequences were a good time to start chatting with each other. Annoying. Also when the guy next to me laughed at a dramatic moment it set me off with the giggles .... :P.

I want to go see it again.
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- Special agent Utah! This is not some job, flipping burgers at the local drive-in! Yes! - your surf board bothers me! Yes! - your approach to this whole damn case bothers me! And yes! - YOU BOTHER ME! And Pappas! Oh, for the love of Christ. How the hell did I even let you talk me into this whole bone-headed idea to begin with.

- Harp! We are working under-cover. It takes time. We've produced a few...

- NO! No no no no no no NO! Let me tell you what you've produced... Over the last two weeks, you two have produced exactly squat! SQUAT! During which time the ex-presidents have robbed two more banks. Now for Christ's sake, does either one of you have anything even remotely interesting to tell me?


- I caught my first tube today... Sir.
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It is freakishly cold in this office today.

I have 'Bye Bye Bridie' (DAMN YOU TCM, DAMN YOU. You too Mad Men, but TCM was the culprit this time) stuck in my head.

I can't concentrate on anything for more than ten minutes at a time.

I cannot believe I have not seen the movie Traveling before. I suspect this is because it is not the best film ever but look! Look at this synopsis!

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This article from EW made me stop to think about just how dependent I am on movie quotes :P.

For example for me I say the following a lot in real life;

"I love this plan! I'm excited to be a part of it!" (Ghosbusters)
"Game over man -- gaaaammmee oooovver." (Aliens)
"Inconceivable!" (The Princess Bride)

And well. I have a really bad habit of doing my best (very lame) Ving Rhames impression when I'm really perplexed / started by something and going; "Mother F-er." like he does in Pulp Fiction.

EDIT: SO. If you put David Tennant, Anton Yelchin and Colin Farrell in a movie that you are re-making, I might not be all 'But it won't be as goofy and 80's as the orginal was!' Yes. I am swayed by casting of actors I like.

It still won't be as goofy/awesome as the orginal Fight Night, that had the Prince from The Princess Bride, Rody McDowall.
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From the EW interview with director Vincenzo Natali (Splice).
What’s next for you? Is it true you’re adapting the William Gibson cyberpunk classic Neuromancer?
Yes, that’s the latest thing. It’s unbelievable. I’m writing the script. It’s one of the seminal science fiction novels. They’ve been trying to make it for many years. I think ten years ago the audience wasn’t ready for it. But after the Matrix and Avatar and films of that ilk, I think the ground rules have been laid.

I will admit. For me so much of the story is about the way it's written, that I sorta went 'Well.' when I read that. But hey, if it brings more Gibson to more people, than WOO. Plus: Molly. Molly is tres awesome.

From the Empire article "Simon Pegg Talks Burke And Hare [Or Kelly is really late to finding this out].

In the meantime, Burke And Hare pairs Pegg with Andy Serkis as notorious Edinburgh corpse-peddlers William Burke and William Hare in John Landis' big screen return

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My favorite theater in Halifax – nay my favorite movie theater in the world * is showing one of my most favorite films! Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid! On big screen! The way it was meant to be seen! June 13th . So I’ve got Carla’s b-day on the 12th, and then Butch & Sundance on the 13th.

Then I have the Galaxy Quest midnight movie showing on the 18th, my sister flying home on the 19th. Yay busy weekends in June :P

* I’ve only been to movie theaters in Halifax, Moncton, and Toronto, and the Moncton and Toronto ones were just you average multiplex ones, so the bar. She is not set too high. Although The Oxford is an old school two level theater, that has the such comfortable seats.
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Saw Prince of Persia. Was somewhat entertained until the end, when I became really annoyed. No one else I was with got into a snit the way I did, but ARGH. I saw it coming, and I wanted it not to happen and than BOOM. It did.

You know, Jake Gyllenhaal normally grates on my nerves a bit. But I found him really hot looking in this movie. Shallow, but there you go. However by the end his voice, and the voice of the female lead (Gemma Arterton) were both grating on my nerves, so I just tried to focus on the visual pretty.
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From the Gawker guide to summer movies.

The Expendables, 8/13
What Is It: Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Steve Austin, Eric Roberts, Jet Li, and Jason Statham go on a mercenary action adventure together, the kind of action adventure they used to have before action movies had to go and get all hip and Matrix-y. Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger (totally didn't spell that right on the first try!) have cameos. Guns and stuff happen.

Should You Go See It: I'm sorry, let me just repeat that first part for you: "Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Steve Austin, Eric Joberts, Jet Li, and Jason Statham go on a mercenary action adventure together." OF COURSE YOU SHOULD GO SEE IT. It's going to be the face-meltingest action movie since, like, Con Air. This is not a suggestion. This is a requirement. You must see this movie.
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My bias is showing -- but whatever. I'm watching the two-disc version of Aliens (previously I've only had the special edition, which has the directors cut, and that's it. This one has the theatrical cut, the directors cut, a bunch of making of docs, and commentary.).

At first the commentary was cool, but not supper interesting -- Dear James Cameron, I got a little bored over the whole 'this is how things worked, and the Marines didn't report to Burke, oh my god stop talking please moment. Also you brought in the boy? Whose one scene got cut in the theatrical version? Yeeeaaah. He needed to be on the commentary. But than, than we got the scene with the Marines, and all of a sudden its all:

Bill Paxton: I love you guys, we had such great camaraderie.
Everyone: Laughs.
*a really cut Marine walks across the screen*
Jenette Goldstein: Wow look at Dwayne.
Bill: I gave up trying to get that ripped. It would have cut into my drinking time
Jenette: I was really doing those (*she was doing pull ups*)
Lance Henriksen: Were you standing on a box? *Cut to the ripped Marine* Whoa. Look at that.


Michael Biehn: I never understood it at the time, and I asked Jim and he was all 'Shut Up Michael I know what I'm doing.'

It is awesome.
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Still haven’t seen Monday’s Chuck (stupid movie about an orangutan that I didn’t even want to see …). Still haven’t seen Iron Man 2, still not king. Whoops. Never mind that last one .... :D

Am so glad it is Friday.


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