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So if I am able to keep my spreadsheet of movies watched in 2012 going and updated I'm sure if I do this meme next year (haha - no.) that I'll be able to answer questions like this better. Because I sat here going ... what did I watch? What was underrated? Oh my gosh I don't know. So in the end I decided that I'm going to go with Fright Night as the mos underrated movie that I saw last year.

I say underrated since it didn't seem to make much of an impact at the box office - which is a shame, it's a fun movie. I'll admit I had reservations about it before I saw it, I am a fan of the dorky 80's movie of the same name, and didn't see the point of doing a re-make. I really liked the actors involved, and I knew Marti Noxon's name from her involvement with Buffy so despite my "why are you re-making my 80's movies!" I was intrigued.

And man, oh man did I love the movie. It was a re-make yes but I loved how it would set up scenes that I thought I knew where it was going, and then BAM, surprise. And okay yes, it was in the end a silly vampire movie, but man did I enjoy it.
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I decided to dust off this journal and my tumblr at the same time! Go me! And to get me back into the posting grove ... a 30 day movie meme. Which I will probably flake on.

01 - The best movie you saw during the last year

I - don't know. I'm going to go ahead and say .... in the theaters I do believe .... Fast Five made me the happiest. I left the movie with a big stupid grin on my face that (I think) was only equaled by MI: Ghost Protocol. SIMON PEG MAKES ME UNBEARABLY HAPPY. And he wore a Police Shirt. His character did. But this isn't about MI:4, but rather about Fast Five.

Oh F5 . . . .

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I guess I should have started this earlier, and timed it so I could finish on Halloween. I did think about going back and catching up on the questions but eh. I'll do it day by day and keep the Halloween spirit going into November!

30 Day Horror Movie Meme )

Day 01 - A horror film that no one would expect you to love, but you do

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My new shirt came. Well it arrived Friday but today is the fist day I got to wear it!

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Oh (Canadian)Netflix. We have been having such a roller coaster few days - I've laughed, I've cried, I've started to drown in nostalgia, and I've been a little baffled.

Mostly that you recommended me Blue Crush because I put a zombie movie on my list. I'm guessing one of the actors was in the zombie movie but maaan. I almost wish there was some sort of zombie version of Blue Crush.

Then I know this is the wrong summary for this flick but it amused me:

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OMG Harrison Ford you STILL OWN MY HEART. Forever and ever and ever.

Cowboys and Aliens probably won't be a great movie for everyone, but for me it was just like epic eye and trope candy. Although there was a scene that reminded me of Super 8 and another moment where I was all; "Am I watching Priest again?" Is everyone going to the same place for CGI or passing around storyboards? Still, I very much enjoyed the cinematography, the HATS omg the hats (did you know I have a thing for cowboy hats? Because I have thing for cowboy hats ...) and the facial expressions Harrison Ford made.

Movie Time

Apr. 12th, 2011 09:30 am
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Dad and and I went to see Hana, since we try and go see a movie and hang out every couple of months - we both enjoyed it! The soundtrack was cool, and I really liked the cinematography and the action scenes. I got a little upset at one point - and started to cry, but you know. I'm an epic mess about some things and lately I cry at everything. Anyway my dad got all "Are you CRYING?" and thought that funny - :P. Cate Blanchett was awesome - but kind of cpeeped me out (that was the point, I would think).

We saw a trailer for Captain America and my dad like -- fan boy'ed out. It was awesome. He was all "well, we have to go see that. Your mother will think it's too fantastic*, and I want to see it." When we got home he asked if he could have my little mini Captain America figure, so I handed it over. Now he's taken my Ed Brubaker Captain America omnibus, and one of my Avengers trades.

Honestly I think he's mostly geeked about the movie because of the WWII setting. My dad will read/watch anything set in WWII.

* My great-grandma use to say this to my mom about Star Trek, and it's become a running joke / phrase in my house. My mom DOES like a lot of sci-fi fantasy movies, but her ability to suspended her disbelief about things is lower then mine or my dads.
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Cars, Heists, OH MY.

(Err, for those who don't want to watch trailers, it's the new Fast Five trailer).
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Total Number Of Movies Watched: 14
Number of these movies I have seen before: 4
Longest Running Time: 137 min (Backdraft)
Shortest Running Time: 93 min (Breakdown)
Newest Movie(s): The Eagle, Unknown (2011)
Oldest Movie: Night Of The Comet (1984)

Movies I Was Looking Forward To In February (That I Saw)

- Sanctum
- Unknown
- Drive Angry (it's okay to judge me, I love ridiculous Nicholas Cage)
- The Eagle

Looking Forward To In March

-The Adjustment Bureau
- Paul
- Hobo With A Shotgun
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Before this weekend I had never seen Unforgiven.

I guess this is because I watch the same few movies over, and over and over. That and I make time for Gingerdead Man (no. really.) and anything that promises to have music and zombies ... but yeah. I remember when it came out and I desperately wanted to see it, and my dad was all; "Ahahah, your ten. No." (I assumed at ten that all cowboy movies would be Lone Ranger-esque. My mom had all these Lone Ranger picture books from when she was a kid, and well I had a mighty crush. Plus I coveted his horse, big time.) Then I got old enough to see it, and just ... never bothered.

Anyways -- I think my overall Unforgiven experience was seriously hampered by the fact that the DVD I got out from Blockbuster was crap. Utter crap. It skipped like whoa, and sometimes I could get around that (by letting it skip ahead, and then rewinding back to just before it skipped) but some scenes just ... were a no go. An epic scene of Really Big Importance for example I could not see. The scene started it skipped, I tried to rewind back but nope, skipped right over it. So I let the movie play forward and had to be told what had happened to one of the characters.

Anyways, it also seemed really dark and not even futzing with the settings on the TV could really lighten it up.

Anyways that was the bad -- I quite enjoyed the parts of the movie I could see, and damn. Damn Clint Eastwood, you are good at what you do. Even when your acting as a character who .. hasn't done what he's setting out to do in a while. I'm going to try and find another copy, one that doesn't skip, and watch it again.

ALSO, I realized when I was watching it that I had seen bits of it before. I must have caught it on TV, or parts of it because I was all "I remember this opening" and there was another scene that I remember watching. But this was the first time I watched it all the way through.
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I think this picture is quite cool!.

And now of course -- I want to watch Aliens. Again.
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- I might have passed out at like ... 10:30 last night, but I wasn’t tried leading up to that. Let us hope this trend of not being exhausted and falling asleep at 8-ish keeps up.
- I have cute new boots. I love them.
- I started reading ‘Prince Of Thieves’ last night, which is the book they based ‘The Town’ on.
- I want to see The Town -- because hi DON DRAPPER. And Ben Afleck. Don’t judge me. I think he’s funny* ... and I had a crush oh my god.
- It feels like fall. Which means ... time to start thinking about Halloween costumes!

* At this point my dad would be all ‘Oh him he’s funny all right, FUNNY LOOKING!’
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From Entertainment Weekly; 'Piranha 3D': 10 reasons to visit the film's stunningly beautiful (and NOT killer-fish-infested) location of Lake Havasu City. I laughed. Out loud. At work.

And yes, I am going to see it tomorrow. And yes. I am dorkily excited.

As my best friend put it in an e-mail to me: "Just remember, in a day and a half you're going to be watching a giant murderous fish snacking on human beings! And all will be well. :)"


Jul. 21st, 2010 10:51 am
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Just to add to the list of movies I need in my life right freaking now ...

Yes. That would be a story that has "Earp battling villains and outlaws in a futuristic Las Vegas" and it is set to be directed by Sam Raimi. BE STILL MY HEART.

Okay. So tonight is rather packed up with SYTYCD, and Big Brother. And before I do anything else I want to watch the extras on The Losers DVD ... but after that? So re-watching Drag Me To Hell. (Because I've only seen it twice.)


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