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This is a very important blog post that breaks down the coolness factors for each Ghostbuster.

And then you can vote.

(I had to vote and give Ray some love. Although if could have voted twice, second vote would have gone to Janine. If only because of that twit who told me girls couldn't be Ghosbusters when I was a wee child. )

In other semi related news-ness. When I was over at the mall yesterday I noticed that the fountain in the mall was ahh ... red. Well kind of pink-ish red, but mostly red. I later found out it was dyed pink for Run for The Cure, but still. For a second I stood there and was all 'Sign of the end times?' to myself.

Long as it's not pink slime, I think were all good.
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- My dad thinks he is funny (okay he is funny) and got me a Twilight Valentine. Basically he caught me watching Vampire Dairies decided that equaled Twilight and has never let it go. So yes, I got a card saying that the sparkly vampires of Twilight hoped my day didn't bite :P.

(This card was actually signed 'Ripley', because my dad also thinks it is funny to sign the dogs names to cards. Ripley got me a pair of slippers for Christmas actually ...).

- I didn't watch the whole robot vs peoples on Jeprody last night (whoops), but this atcile written about the upcoming game show show, made me laugh.

Watson, a soulless robot invented by IBM to prove that machines can finally defeat their creators at the oldest game in human history: Knowledge of Random Trivia. (You’ll recall that the last time IBM did something like this, they created an abomination called Deep Blue, which defeated Garry Kasparov and ruined chess forever. In other news, IBM is changing its name to “Skynet.”) .
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The NS_Archives feed on Twitter is posting some pictures of Victorian-era/Edwardian-Era Valentines.

In a word? Awesome.
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I think this picture is quite cool!.

And now of course -- I want to watch Aliens. Again.
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I am excited for this weekend. It has been a kind of bumpy ride work wise, so I am very much looking forward to two days off.

Tonight I am going to see Red, so I am very excited for that, and this weekend I'm going to the Valley for some second hand clothes shopping, so woooo! Come on 4:30 . . . .

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