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My new shirt came. Well it arrived Friday but today is the fist day I got to wear it!

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You know what day it is? Sarah Connor appreciation day is what it is!

Not really. Just August 29th (1997 mind you ...) was the original date of Judgment Day in the Terminator verse. Until Sarah, John and the T-800 stopped it. Or delayed it, since you know we wouldn't have T3 or T4 if Judgment Day hadn't happened anyway.
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With packing. Actually I have lots and lots of issues, but the ones that are causing me problems right here, right now are with packing. I mean I don't need to take much - it's a four hour-is car ride to Moncton, I'm only spending one night there, and the majority of my time in the city will be out on Magnetic Hill for the concert. So. I have picked out:

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August 29th 1997 is the date of Judgment Day in T2. But that's in the altered time line [the first altered time line] - in the original time line as set out in Terminator April 19, 2011 is the day Skynet becomes self aware.

this was pointed out by Cinemablend.
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So I didn't read any of the Necrosha stuff -- I think I was going throuhg one of my periodic "not reading comics right now" stages, and I never doubled back to read any of it. I get burned out on epic events, and I burned on on zombies, people back from the dead, whatever the heck you want to call it a while back. My love for zombies -- but not love because baby this ain't Zombie Honeymoon* - has come back because ... well as my never ending love for X-men shows I can't shake some things.


I was skimming through Comicunity on LJ and scrolled past this and thought that someone had made a comic out of John Carpenters Vampires and I got ridiculously excited for a second.

Point of this post: I have terrible taste in movies. But I will always love James Woods as a bad ass leather jacket wearing vampire hunter who teams up with a priest. Plus: One of the Baldwins is in it!

* I've seen it. I laughed. A lot.
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If I could only clothe myself in shirts from this store I'd be okay with that. Okay. Not really but I really want this one and this one and of course these two.

I really think I'll thinking about getting the first two I linked to though. Maybe. I have a glow in the dark Ghostbusters t-shirt already.... so I might get the Quints Shark Fishing and the Colonial Marines one. Times like this I miss my old job, as I could have gotten away with wearing those on casual day. Where I work now -- not so much.

(Although I have had a couple students tell me they like my Nerd Herd lariat, you have good TV taste Halifax!)
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So the neighbors down the street have decorated their yard for Halloween (as you do). They have some giant inflatable ghosts and ... a giant spider. A giant green and black spider. I discovered this on the weekend, I was walking Ripley, and from the time we had left for our walk to the time we had returned they had gone and inflated the spider and put it on their lawn. So I'm walking up the street and I see it and I'm all "oh Ripley look at that!" My dog being super obedient, of course keeps staring across the street away from the spider.

So I'm all "cool" in a sort of "I really don't like spiders, but this is not real it is inflated so whatever, but really I do not like spiders even inflated ones it turns out" kind of way. I walk towards the damn thing and it turns its head. It's got some sort of motor inside that makes the head turn back and forth and ... urgh. Creepy to the extreme. I look forward to sitting out on my front steps on Halloween, watching people approach that thing and watching them scream.

Scream like I might have. In the broad daylight.

(Okay it wasn't a scream, but I did yelp. The fact that it moved really caught me off guard).
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So. When you google "echo bazaar" the first result says; Echo Bazaar is a free browser game that only takes a few minutes a day to play. I'm sure that is true. If your not Kelly. And have a bad habbit of becoming a little ... obsessive about things like this.

So you can only have 70 turns per day. I burned through 70 last night / this morning. So. Then I signed up for a second account with my facebook (my first one is through twitter). And I burned through 70 more turns in between work at work, and when I came home.

Please send help? :P

(Or not, because I am vastly amused by this. And hoping like the breif neopets fascination of the early 2000's that this passes in a few weeks).


Sep. 28th, 2010 09:27 am
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Catching up on some blogs ... Growing Pains was 25 years old on Friday!.

Oh that show. That show, Kate & Allie, Saved By The Bell and Perfect Strangers were must see TV to kidlet me.
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So! Instead of the reflective entry I was going to attempt to write .... have the results of an internet quiz instead!

My pirate name is:

Iron Jenny Bonney

A pirate's life isn't easy; it takes a tough person. That's okay with you, though, since you a tough person. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!

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So I know that it is over a month away, but I'm doing the prepping for Halloween. I was doing the debate between Velma and a random Nerd Herd-er from Chuck. I was leaning towards Velma, but now have decided that I'm going to be a Nerd Herd member, because oh my gosh so excited for Chuck to be back on the airwaves.

So I was surfing around the NBC store site, thinking I was going to look for some accessories for the costume, and wow. I have to say that the "Chuck Costume" NBC is marketing is kinda lame. I like the lariat, but the shirt with the drawn on tie? Really? The Green Shirt, Buy More costume set is nicer.

So I think I'm going to buy the Chuck lariat, use my own black skirt, and buy a white blouse, and grey tie, and be a random Nerd Herd girl. Although I was amused by the NBC stores Saved by the Bell Kelly Kapowski Student Costume Kit. If I wasn't going to Hal-Con and felt I needed a kind of fannish costume? Man I'd so be random 80s Bayside student. Or you know, just flat out be Kelly Kapowski, we have the same first name after all! :D
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So today I am wearing my trench coat. I did not pair it with jeans and sneakers so am not as cool as I could be.

Yes. I felt you all needed to know this.

I really want to find a mulit-fandom game to play movie!1 Kyle at. And by "really" I mean I do not have time, I should focus on my own games, and I'd fail as I fail in all multifandom games.
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Staying up until 3:00 AM watching Eli Stone and Torchwood * was not the brightest thing I have ever done (but hello Johnny Lee Miller! I almost didn't recognize you! And now, because I am sad, I sorta want to watch Dracula 2000). The whole staying up until it's no longer late, but early, was also sorta dumb because I was going to Kentville today to hang out with K&C (no sunshine band though) and that's an hour and a half travel time to, and from.

Anyways, visiting has been done, and I am now a very exhausted person.

There's a football game on or something tonight. Sadly, due to the suck of Canadian TV, the American feed is replaced on the American channels by the Canadian feed, so while the US gets cool, wacky, neat commercials, I get ... Commercials for Nothing Fancy furniture stores. SO! I'm going to try and catch up in XT tonight, and maybe post a football backdated thing-y at DH. Why? Because Jay's PB is from FNL: The Movie, and Remy's PB is from FNL: The Show, and I'm a dork and think that's funny. And that they should play football.

* Last weeks ep. I was going to start on this weeks, and than was all 'garrrrgghh, must sleeeeepppp'.

Is A Dork

Jan. 25th, 2008 10:31 pm
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Chuck was on TV last night, and I tried to stay up to watch the second episode (on from 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM) but sleep won out over TV. Tonight I'm going to do my best to catch the early showing of FNL, so I don't have to stay up until 2:00 AM. I am so, utterly in love with FNL, it's crazy.

I mean I'm kinda meh, about football, and Texas, but holy crap the writing is amazing, the cast is just fantastic, and I highly recommend the series. I mean seriously, I normally get kind of bored with hour long shows, twitchy if people aren't talking about comic books, or having wacky adventures involving the government, or monsters, or powers, or what have you. But I love this. So much.

There's been a bit of upheaval in my personal life (DRAMA!) but it's, well it's not over, but it's under control until Sunday at least. I'm hoping to actually get crap done tonight and tomorrow, before I take off on a day trip on Sunday.



(from the CBC weather page)

Current Conditions
Temp: -13.9°C
Mainly Sunny
Wind: NW at 37 km/h
Wind Gusts: 48 km/h
Windchill: -26.0°C

It's too cold outside. Way to cold. If the wind would just stop blowing, I'd be okay.

(I'm a wimp, I know I live on the ocean and I expect it to get cold, but this is just … not cool. I do not look forward to waiting for the bus, to get home tonight).


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