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So my favorite vampire movie is ... The Lost Boys! I have this weird thing with vampire movies, where I don't like a lot of them because vampires really creep me out. I don't know the blood sucking thing doesn't strike me as sexy, but really gross. That and Dracula really frightened me as a child.

ANYWAYS, that said I love Lost Boys! It's from the 1980's so the fashion and music bring me enjoyment in a 'hahah, oh my god I would have killed for a skirt like that.' kind of way. And okay, so I have the soundtrack on my iPod because who doesn't love INXS? Ahem. Beyond the music and the fashion however I like the movie, it's got some pretty silly humor but it's all very self referential. I love movies where the characters don't act surprised to find themselves in a vampire movie, or rather they might act surprised but they know the rules. The movie is just so quotable, so that's fun as well.

I enjoy the vampires as villains, and I am a sucker for siblings on film, or in prose. So it's just a whole mess of things I love.
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SO. I was all watch me do this horror meme and then ... Matt Good happened. And then A Friday at work happened, then there was an advance screening of Three Musketeers, and Nocturne and a day of feeling mostly blah and ... well I'm catching up now! Right here, right now! SPOILERS for the movie posters shown below.

Day 02 - The horror film that you releate most to

Shaun Of The Dead )

Day 03 - Your favorite slasher

Freddy Krueger )

Day 04 - Your favorite werewolf film

An American Werewolf In London )

Day 05 - Your favorite monster movie

Jaws )
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I guess I should have started this earlier, and timed it so I could finish on Halloween. I did think about going back and catching up on the questions but eh. I'll do it day by day and keep the Halloween spirit going into November!

30 Day Horror Movie Meme )

Day 01 - A horror film that no one would expect you to love, but you do

What Could It Be Now ... )
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Horror movie confession: I hate The Thing. I just ... no. It does not work for me, I do not like it, I will not like it and I will not go see the prequel that looks like it's really the same film. However if the orginal movie had been a musical? We might have been in business! That link leads to an article about the the youtube video emended in the page. NSFW in the SLIGHTEST. AT all. Gore. So much gore, it's just ... really violent. Really gross. It makes me go "argh" a bit, but I still laugh. Still People. Animals .... coming apart. And huge, huge, huge spoilers for The Thing.

Come on internet, provide me with an Aliens musical number.

(That isn't the one that comes from Spaceballs).
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Oh (Canadian)Netflix. We have been having such a roller coaster few days - I've laughed, I've cried, I've started to drown in nostalgia, and I've been a little baffled.

Mostly that you recommended me Blue Crush because I put a zombie movie on my list. I'm guessing one of the actors was in the zombie movie but maaan. I almost wish there was some sort of zombie version of Blue Crush.

Then I know this is the wrong summary for this flick but it amused me:

I'm ... such a a dork, and I like really terrible movies )
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I'm having some shortness of breath, probably because I can't breathe through my nose. I feel pretty miserable and probably should have stayed at home, but alas. I also stayed up late watching The Oscars (crashed out on the couch with a blanket and a kleenex) so I think part of his my own doing, So I'm at work, and thinking that I'm going to have to pass on Chuck tonight, and DVR it for watching some time later in the week. (I just don't see me making it to 10' which is when the show ends my time.)

Consumerisim under the cut! )


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