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So the neighbors down the street have decorated their yard for Halloween (as you do). They have some giant inflatable ghosts and ... a giant spider. A giant green and black spider. I discovered this on the weekend, I was walking Ripley, and from the time we had left for our walk to the time we had returned they had gone and inflated the spider and put it on their lawn. So I'm walking up the street and I see it and I'm all "oh Ripley look at that!" My dog being super obedient, of course keeps staring across the street away from the spider.

So I'm all "cool" in a sort of "I really don't like spiders, but this is not real it is inflated so whatever, but really I do not like spiders even inflated ones it turns out" kind of way. I walk towards the damn thing and it turns its head. It's got some sort of motor inside that makes the head turn back and forth and ... urgh. Creepy to the extreme. I look forward to sitting out on my front steps on Halloween, watching people approach that thing and watching them scream.

Scream like I might have. In the broad daylight.

(Okay it wasn't a scream, but I did yelp. The fact that it moved really caught me off guard).
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Going to go buy some makeup for my Halloween costume (for work)* today on my lunch break. I’m a pretty basic make up kind of girl, but I want to do something a little different / cool for work. I’ve got a Star Trek Blue Dress for work costume, so I want some not crazy makeup, but some 60’s ish but not scary makeup. So off to the drug store I go!

I’ll probably end up going out to Wal-Mart or something over the weekend to check out other makeup options. And this weekend I have to put together the final Nerd Herd outfit needs, and try out make up options for the Star Trek dress.

Yay Halloween!

* Why yes I have a work Halloween costume, and a going to Hal-Con Halloween costume. I don’t feel like dressing as a Nerd Herd employee for work. Too much like work
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Friday (weather permitting) we are going to the Haunted Hallow here in Halifax - you walk through the woods, people jump out and scare you. And I guess they chase you for parts to ... so I told my dad about this and he was all “wow that sounds like a good place for a serial killer to set up ... no one would know!” So I’m all “Pshaw this is real life not a lame horror movie.” And naturally it is now all I can I think about. Thanks dad.

Still have not made up my mind about NaNoWriMo. I feel I should be outlining or something if I was going to do it, so that is making me lean towards not doing it this year. On the flip side of that there’s is a NaNoWriMo panel thing on Sunday, Oct 31st at Hal-Con, so I think I might go to that, and make my decision there if I’m doing NaNoWriMo or not this year. That’s me, flying by the seat of my pants.

EDIT: Playing on the NaNoWriMo fourms. Think I do want to do it this year. Wonder how long this feeling will last :P.


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