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My dad loves to go to Frency's (second hand clothing store for the non Maratimers out there). I cant cope with the store(s) because I don't like to dig through piles of clothes. Anyway, my dad loves going there and he's always bringing me home Boston Red Sox themed shirts. I now own two jerseys, two T-shirts, and a hooded sweatshirt.

And I don't like the Red Sox. Actually I'm indifferent to them as I am to all baseball teams (Your broke my heart Montreal! I will never love again! Actually ... I didn't care that much then, I only rooted for The Expos because my dad did.) it is just not my kinda sport. I've tried to tell my dad that buying me these things will not make me a Boston fan. Or a baseball fan. Oh dad.

Movie Time

Apr. 12th, 2011 09:30 am
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Dad and and I went to see Hana, since we try and go see a movie and hang out every couple of months - we both enjoyed it! The soundtrack was cool, and I really liked the cinematography and the action scenes. I got a little upset at one point - and started to cry, but you know. I'm an epic mess about some things and lately I cry at everything. Anyway my dad got all "Are you CRYING?" and thought that funny - :P. Cate Blanchett was awesome - but kind of cpeeped me out (that was the point, I would think).

We saw a trailer for Captain America and my dad like -- fan boy'ed out. It was awesome. He was all "well, we have to go see that. Your mother will think it's too fantastic*, and I want to see it." When we got home he asked if he could have my little mini Captain America figure, so I handed it over. Now he's taken my Ed Brubaker Captain America omnibus, and one of my Avengers trades.

Honestly I think he's mostly geeked about the movie because of the WWII setting. My dad will read/watch anything set in WWII.

* My great-grandma use to say this to my mom about Star Trek, and it's become a running joke / phrase in my house. My mom DOES like a lot of sci-fi fantasy movies, but her ability to suspended her disbelief about things is lower then mine or my dads.
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My dad watched The Social Network this weekend. He is now showing an unhealthy interest in facebook. "So what is the wall -- how does this work? Can I see your facebook?" ect.

I am hoping this is a passing fad with him.

(That said, I have no one but myself to blame, I got him a netbook for Christmas so he could surf the web more easily and I'm the one who wanted him to see the movie.)

Today ...

Sep. 26th, 2010 07:18 pm
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I have been spat up on, changed dirty diapers, and sang 'C is for Cookie' until I was hoarse. Babysitting is fun. But I'm terribly glad when it is over and I can give the kid back to his mom.

Also: am exhausted. So bravo to all the mom's & dad's & caregivers to kids out there, I have no idea how you do it, day in and day out.
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As of yesterday my parents have been married for 33 years.

Or as my mom likes to put it; " We are a long playing record."
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This made me laugh. My dad was out in the yard last night with the dog, and our neighbors kid was outside as well. He saw dad and the dog and the kid (who is like ... three ... four maybe) was all; "Oh is she a nice dog?" and my dad said; "Oh she's a very nice dog. She just likes to eat all the time." The kid than got very scared and said; "Does she like to eat people!?". My dad did his best to reassure him that no, Ripley does not eat people, but I suspect my dog is now nightmare fuel for that poor kid.


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