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OMG Harrison Ford you STILL OWN MY HEART. Forever and ever and ever.

Cowboys and Aliens probably won't be a great movie for everyone, but for me it was just like epic eye and trope candy. Although there was a scene that reminded me of Super 8 and another moment where I was all; "Am I watching Priest again?" Is everyone going to the same place for CGI or passing around storyboards? Still, I very much enjoyed the cinematography, the HATS omg the hats (did you know I have a thing for cowboy hats? Because I have thing for cowboy hats ...) and the facial expressions Harrison Ford made.
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Ahahahahaha. Oh my GOSH. I need this T-Shirt in my life.

Also this happened a while ago, but I just was thinking about it again. I was in the magazine store and saw this magazine cover out of the corner of my eye. I saw a dude with a gun, and the word; "DARK" and got really excited for a second, and thought they were running an article about The Dark Tower.

(Which I realize hasn't started filming, has had the filming date pushed back, and I know. But still. For a second I started a fan girl freak out. Then I realized it was Cowboys and Aliens was all "COOL" and bought the magazine. And then my dad borrowed it when I got home, and I haven't seen it since.)


Oct. 2nd, 2010 05:42 pm
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Halloween costume is slowly coming together ... )

Secondly: I have started watching Justified via the power of Netflix. Man, there is just something about cowboy hats ... and movies/TV shows that are based on Elmore Leonard works. Loved the first episode, so now onto the second ep!


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