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My closet looks fantastic and I cleared out two garbage bags of trash from my room, and a bag and half of clothes to donate. And I sorted through my comic TPB's.

I still have to sort my books, my DVD's, tackle under my bed, but yeah - progress!

I have an appointment to have a hair cut tonight and omg yay. Because this was one I scheduled in March and have had to delay twice so yes. I'm shaggy and I need a trim. (And dye, since my roots are showing.)

i need -

Apr. 7th, 2013 02:46 pm
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An intervention.

All day reading TVD fic, and listening to The Band Perry's new album. My eyes are crossing. My "I don't like country music" argument holds zero water.

I regret nothing.

(Okay I also went to open houses because I wanted to see how other people decorate their bedrooms. And yesterday I went to five furniture stores, and omg. Overwhelmed.)

And Mad Men is on tonight.
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Email I sent to my kid sis minus the boring family deets. And including a gif.

The stress ... IT IS GONE )

Now my scary to do list doesn't kick into gear until mid April, and until then this is all EXCITING AND GREAT.
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I've been putting things into motion to move. Slowly I thought. Slowly I planned.

And then I went to see some places today and ... I fell in love with two condos [seriously there both pretty much perfect and everything I want.], and am now freaking out, and trying to make a decision, and secure financing (I've been running back and forth to the bank a couple times last week), and make an offer. And I'm going to see both of them again tomorrow night. And I have to do this like NOW because there both in areas that are selling fast and my parents (whom quite frankly I need to hold my hand through this) leave next Saturday for vacation. This is all happening way faster then I planed it too.

So. I'm freaking out. It may come to nothing. I may not be able to get financing, or my offer may be refused.


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