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It has been an irritating day. I have been cranky and out of sorts for no good reason, and I know it is me not the universe that is having the problem.

Anyways. I really like the art in the Hawkeye Blindspot mini. Or rather I should say I really like the art in the flashbacks, and I really like the colouring in the present day part of the story (the art is good too, everyone seems overly muscled but whatevers --I like the colouring lots).

What I am talking about behind the cut. Also spoilers (I guess - I mean I think most people probably saw this coming) for the end of issue 2.

Worth 2000 words these. )
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I am getting my hair cut (and coloured!) today, and perhaps this time I will take decent pictures! Maybe. I'm kind of allergic to having decent pictures taken of me :P. I hope (oh god I hope) that triming up the hair, and getting the highlights put back in, will help perk me up. This winter (as I have mentioned) is dragging me dooowwwn.

Also: thank god they call and remind me a day before my apt. I had the apt written in my Blackberry as next Wednesday, and was planing accordingly. Whoops. I swear, the more attempts I make to make myself more organized (ie: putting apts into my Blackberry) the more disorganized I get.

And to jump topics ... the whole hair cutting and colouring process can be a timely one (I won't bore you with all the details but it invovles dying my hair one shade, then bleaching part of it out, and then colouring over the bleached portions) I'm hoping that I get home in time for Survivor tonight. Because oh yes, I am not one, but two Survivor pools.

I've got Julie Wolfe in the work pool, and Steve Wright in the neighborhood pool. So that's two people on the same tribe, booo.

Oh well. I'll be glued to the show until my people get outsted, then I tend to lose a bit of interest. (Or so says previous Survivor years).

EDIT: WELL. I guess I'll be buying Marvel comics on a monthly basis again in May. At least for eight issues.
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So I didn't read any of the Necrosha stuff -- I think I was going throuhg one of my periodic "not reading comics right now" stages, and I never doubled back to read any of it. I get burned out on epic events, and I burned on on zombies, people back from the dead, whatever the heck you want to call it a while back. My love for zombies -- but not love because baby this ain't Zombie Honeymoon* - has come back because ... well as my never ending love for X-men shows I can't shake some things.


I was skimming through Comicunity on LJ and scrolled past this and thought that someone had made a comic out of John Carpenters Vampires and I got ridiculously excited for a second.

Point of this post: I have terrible taste in movies. But I will always love James Woods as a bad ass leather jacket wearing vampire hunter who teams up with a priest. Plus: One of the Baldwins is in it!

* I've seen it. I laughed. A lot.
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Because it amuses me -- Marvel 70's crack.

And someday -- I'll actually flip through some comics, and find some Misty and Colleen being bad ass. And probably cracky. Since it was Marvel in the 70's yo!

70's Marvel Cracky Goodness! )
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This comic issue is so epic that it gets its own post. Cover just says it all hey:

Bring on the scans! )
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Oh Alpha Flight. I <3 you.

two really random scans )
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So I think that Avengers #221 might be one of my favorite issues. Because it is cracky, and full of 80s silliness. I love it. SO MUCH.

WARNING: These scans are huge, and the quality is off. Blame my "30 Years Of The Avengers CD" some of the scans on it are kidna poor in nature.

So the Avengers need some new member's, as seen above Jan is all 'more girls!' )
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Some awesome-ness from The Immortal Iron Fist. I love this comic to itty bitty pieces (well the Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction issues). Seriously I love Orson Randall. So much. But yes, these scans are not about him, but about Misty, Colleen, and Luke.

My love of bad ass women -- let me show it to you. )


Jun. 3rd, 2010 08:30 pm
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Oh Firefly.

I just read Serenity: Float Out a one shot comic and -- oh. Tears. There was some.

(Mind you I'm a mess right now, and everything makes me cry).
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Video game blather )

I have six thousand things to do tomorow -- epic grocery store run, friends birthday party dinner thing, go to the vets to a) buy Ripley dog food and b) she is due for a weigh in. Okay that's three things, but they are time consuming things. So alas I don't see me making to SA for Free Comic Book day. Again. Someday FBC day we will make it work.
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I'm such a spaz. Like a terrible, terrible spaz. But when I saw scans from Martian Manhunter issue where Beetle and Booster stole J'onn's cookies, I realized I had to own this comic. So I found it in the back issue bin. And I've read it a scary number of times now, and I can't. Stop. Laughing.

So I made scans. This is the last half of the comic ... since (most) of the funny bits from the first half got posted at [community profile] scans_daily. Oh yes, this is image heavy.

Mars needs cookies! )


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