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Happy Victoria Day!

(Orrrrr ... Happy Monday to all you non Canadians.)

I plan to celebrate my Monday off by doing laundry (I'm so wild. And crazy.) Reading (Really. Am an epic party animal.) And playing more La Noire. Oh and catch up on Doctor Who, gotta do that too.
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One: The New Joel Plaskett single "Jimmie's Still Jimmie is amazing. Oh man I have it on my iPod and I have been playing it over, and over and over.

Two: My desk feels ... weird. I've packed pretty much everything up and moved it to the new desk, but it is all just boxed up there. Kinda nervous, kinda excited.

Three: Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last? - That's right Matrix, you did! - I lied. Err, so have decided to forgo reading We Are Two next to read Don't Breathe A Word by Jennifer McMahon. The book store clerk said it was creepy which is awesome, am in the mood for some creepy! I should finish Vegas Knights first but ... yes.

Four: La Noire is aaawwweeessoommmeee! Okay. Am having some issues with the whole driving thing. And shooting thing, but I think I shall get a hang of it. I haven't played as much as I want to (I got home last night and sort of died ...).

Five: Happy Victoria Day Long weekend to those who get to enjoy a long weekend! And umm, everyone else - have a good one!
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I like the google image on the Canadian google today:

That is about all I like.


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