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Ahahahahaha. Oh my GOSH. I need this T-Shirt in my life.

Also this happened a while ago, but I just was thinking about it again. I was in the magazine store and saw this magazine cover out of the corner of my eye. I saw a dude with a gun, and the word; "DARK" and got really excited for a second, and thought they were running an article about The Dark Tower.

(Which I realize hasn't started filming, has had the filming date pushed back, and I know. But still. For a second I started a fan girl freak out. Then I realized it was Cowboys and Aliens was all "COOL" and bought the magazine. And then my dad borrowed it when I got home, and I haven't seen it since.)
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If I could only clothe myself in shirts from this store I'd be okay with that. Okay. Not really but I really want this one and this one and of course these two.

I really think I'll thinking about getting the first two I linked to though. Maybe. I have a glow in the dark Ghostbusters t-shirt already.... so I might get the Quints Shark Fishing and the Colonial Marines one. Times like this I miss my old job, as I could have gotten away with wearing those on casual day. Where I work now -- not so much.

(Although I have had a couple students tell me they like my Nerd Herd lariat, you have good TV taste Halifax!)
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I feel reappy crappy today. Urgh.

I'm behind on the NaNoWriMo novel. I fell walking up the stairs to my house last night, and now have a bruise on my arm, and just ... meh.

However -- a random reading of the blook review blog at EW (I was avoiding work. I admit that) let me know that there is a new Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro nove by Dennis Lehane out! I am very excited for Moonlight Mile!

I don't read a lot of mysteries, but I love the books that Lehane writes about Kenzie and Gennaro. I like their banter. I like that the books are set in Boston. So I am excited!

And now I have to make a run to the book store on my lunch break. Woo-Hoo retail therapy!

Now if I can just give myself a good kick in the butt about NaNo, and get some NaNo therapy I'll be all set!


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