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Over the last three days I've been watching Aliens in bits and pieces as I check out the commentary/docs on the special edition DVD. So naturally last night the inevitable happened. I had a dream ... in which I was in my house and could not fall asleep, or else the facehugger would get me, and it be, well game over man. Game over. In said dream, there was also Arvin Sloane. Because my subconscious didn't just want to torment me with face huggers, it also wanted to taunt me -- I mean if I'm going to have an Alias male cast member in my dreams, I'd rather it was Vaughn.

Last night was also Ripley's first night of obedience classes. She wasn't the best dog there. She was ... well she was the worst. As in she had to be separated from the other dogs because she wouldn't calm down. As in she nipped my hand (she was trying to get the treat I had, but normally she's good about not biting, not last night though. She got me a couple times.) Oh well, five more weeks of this now ...
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My bias is showing -- but whatever. I'm watching the two-disc version of Aliens (previously I've only had the special edition, which has the directors cut, and that's it. This one has the theatrical cut, the directors cut, a bunch of making of docs, and commentary.).

At first the commentary was cool, but not supper interesting -- Dear James Cameron, I got a little bored over the whole 'this is how things worked, and the Marines didn't report to Burke, oh my god stop talking please moment. Also you brought in the boy? Whose one scene got cut in the theatrical version? Yeeeaaah. He needed to be on the commentary. But than, than we got the scene with the Marines, and all of a sudden its all:

Bill Paxton: I love you guys, we had such great camaraderie.
Everyone: Laughs.
*a really cut Marine walks across the screen*
Jenette Goldstein: Wow look at Dwayne.
Bill: I gave up trying to get that ripped. It would have cut into my drinking time
Jenette: I was really doing those (*she was doing pull ups*)
Lance Henriksen: Were you standing on a box? *Cut to the ripped Marine* Whoa. Look at that.


Michael Biehn: I never understood it at the time, and I asked Jim and he was all 'Shut Up Michael I know what I'm doing.'

It is awesome.


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