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Apr. 12th, 2011 09:30 am
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Dad and and I went to see Hana, since we try and go see a movie and hang out every couple of months - we both enjoyed it! The soundtrack was cool, and I really liked the cinematography and the action scenes. I got a little upset at one point - and started to cry, but you know. I'm an epic mess about some things and lately I cry at everything. Anyway my dad got all "Are you CRYING?" and thought that funny - :P. Cate Blanchett was awesome - but kind of cpeeped me out (that was the point, I would think).

We saw a trailer for Captain America and my dad like -- fan boy'ed out. It was awesome. He was all "well, we have to go see that. Your mother will think it's too fantastic*, and I want to see it." When we got home he asked if he could have my little mini Captain America figure, so I handed it over. Now he's taken my Ed Brubaker Captain America omnibus, and one of my Avengers trades.

Honestly I think he's mostly geeked about the movie because of the WWII setting. My dad will read/watch anything set in WWII.

* My great-grandma use to say this to my mom about Star Trek, and it's become a running joke / phrase in my house. My mom DOES like a lot of sci-fi fantasy movies, but her ability to suspended her disbelief about things is lower then mine or my dads.
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