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Before this weekend I had never seen Unforgiven.

I guess this is because I watch the same few movies over, and over and over. That and I make time for Gingerdead Man (no. really.) and anything that promises to have music and zombies ... but yeah. I remember when it came out and I desperately wanted to see it, and my dad was all; "Ahahah, your ten. No." (I assumed at ten that all cowboy movies would be Lone Ranger-esque. My mom had all these Lone Ranger picture books from when she was a kid, and well I had a mighty crush. Plus I coveted his horse, big time.) Then I got old enough to see it, and just ... never bothered.

Anyways -- I think my overall Unforgiven experience was seriously hampered by the fact that the DVD I got out from Blockbuster was crap. Utter crap. It skipped like whoa, and sometimes I could get around that (by letting it skip ahead, and then rewinding back to just before it skipped) but some scenes just ... were a no go. An epic scene of Really Big Importance for example I could not see. The scene started it skipped, I tried to rewind back but nope, skipped right over it. So I let the movie play forward and had to be told what had happened to one of the characters.

Anyways, it also seemed really dark and not even futzing with the settings on the TV could really lighten it up.

Anyways that was the bad -- I quite enjoyed the parts of the movie I could see, and damn. Damn Clint Eastwood, you are good at what you do. Even when your acting as a character who .. hasn't done what he's setting out to do in a while. I'm going to try and find another copy, one that doesn't skip, and watch it again.

ALSO, I realized when I was watching it that I had seen bits of it before. I must have caught it on TV, or parts of it because I was all "I remember this opening" and there was another scene that I remember watching. But this was the first time I watched it all the way through.
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