Apr. 16th, 2011

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So for the last few days I have been obsessively following the story of Bella (Passport) the missing greyhound. That is a link to the news story but in breif, a greyhound that was rescued locally who escaped from her home on Sunday after being startled and had been roaming the city since then.

Well today there was AWESOME NEWS OF AWESOME. After a massive search there was a post on the FB page for Bella that she had been sighted (again). Then ten minutes later a post saying she was on her way to the vet. I admit - I cried. I was so happy.

The latest update is: Hello everyone! I drove Anna, her mom, and Bella to the vet. I'm sure Anna will update you shortly, but I just wanted to let you all know what the vet said. Bella is a little dehydrated and a little cold, but otherwise in good shape. The will be putting her on an IV to get her hydrated and she's lying on heating pads and hot watte...r bottles to get her warmed up - she snuggled right in :) The pads of her feet are a little tender so she will be on antibiotics to defend against any impending infection and she might have to sport booties if she wants to walk on pavement for a little while, but overall she is in good shape! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love how in the comments people are offering her boots, that the volunteers looking for her went to have a "pawty" at the staging area for the search, and love how much goodwill and love has been expressed on the facebook page. I love dos, I love happy endings, I love this news story.


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