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This weekend The Robert Shaw Film Fest goes on (so far Jaws [naturally, since Quint is my main man. And I'd dislike him like whoa in real life but watching him do his thing in the movies is great -] and From Russia With Love (first non Daniel Craig Bond film! Now the floodgates are open and I plan to try and watch the Dalton movies soon) with The Taking of Pelham One Two Three orginal style, and Force 10 from Navarone (hey baby faced Harrison Ford! And Bond Girl/Mrs. Ringo Starr Barbra Bach!)

All I read last week was Night Film which I am still undecided on re: how I feel about it. I do want to buy it (it was a library read) because it just was a lovely book to hold in my hands. Does that sound weird? I can't explain it, but the paper quality was really nice and it has a social media twist to it that I'd like to explore more.


So I'm making my way through The Witch of Little Italy which is - okay. It's nice and light but I find the main character really annoying and ...yeah. also it's very magical lite and I think I wanted some more heavy supernatural themes. There does seem to be a ghost possibly so holding out hope for that!

Also am reading Red White and Blood which is one of the President's Vampires novels. Basic premise: The President of the US has a secret vampire on the payroll who is magically bound to protect whomever holds that office. I ADORE the world that these books take place in,it's our world with heavy supernatural elements and some nods to horror franchises (the second book was an ode to Lovecraft and this one is an ode to slasher flicks, with references being made to murders at Crystal Lake. This makes up for the fact that I feel that the characters are pretty much all jerks - I don't care about any of them.


I got ... a lot of library books this week. I .... am not going to be able to read them all. Many will be going back and added to my monster 'to check out later' list.

However I am going to try and tackle City of Thieves. It's due back next week at the library and I realllllly want to read it. I have the audio book (narrated by Ron Pearlman!) but I like to read the book before I listen to it (I zone out a bit when listening to podcasts and books being read to me.)


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