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So my plans to go to the 2000 Leauges Under The Sea book club did not pan out as I had planed, thanks to the transit strike* (I can not walk to the bookclub meeting place, thus I can not go.) But I am going to finish this book!

(Is there a giant squid? Am I dreaming that there is a giant squid?)

Also, I'm in literary love with Ned Land. He's a bit of a jerk - but I'm stoked to see a non super nice Canadian. Even if he's all 'yay lets harpoon whales'. You know if Star Trek taught me anything, it was that we have to keep the whales safe or we will be screwed come the future, when the aliens come and want to communicate with the whales via whale song. But this was before whales were hunted to the edge of extinction, so I'll allow him harpooning as a source of income / job.

After this I tackle Dracula. Which I have read the step-up classic version of, and it gave me nightmares for years. There was a really scary picture of Lucy :(. After Dracula my next classic to read will either be

War of The Worlds or The Woman in White OR I might re-read The Moonstone. I promised myself this year I'd try and shake things up a bit book wise, I still love what I love (fantasy), but I'm trying to read more memoirs, biography's and some of the classics.

(Also I need to start my annual re-read of Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal as I read that every Lentan season.)

* This song express my feelings.


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