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So if I am able to keep my spreadsheet of movies watched in 2012 going and updated I'm sure if I do this meme next year (haha - no.) that I'll be able to answer questions like this better. Because I sat here going ... what did I watch? What was underrated? Oh my gosh I don't know. So in the end I decided that I'm going to go with Fright Night as the mos underrated movie that I saw last year.

I say underrated since it didn't seem to make much of an impact at the box office - which is a shame, it's a fun movie. I'll admit I had reservations about it before I saw it, I am a fan of the dorky 80's movie of the same name, and didn't see the point of doing a re-make. I really liked the actors involved, and I knew Marti Noxon's name from her involvement with Buffy so despite my "why are you re-making my 80's movies!" I was intrigued.

And man, oh man did I love the movie. It was a re-make yes but I loved how it would set up scenes that I thought I knew where it was going, and then BAM, surprise. And okay yes, it was in the end a silly vampire movie, but man did I enjoy it.


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